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(Richard Morris) #1

Think globally; Act locally

(Christina Cundiff) #2

Hi! I love the podcast. It is the perfect blend of information and fun. Your message is an important one and you all deliver it effectively and professionally. Thank you for all you do!

My husband and I also want to share this way of life with others. We do not want to be obnoxious about it (although we probably are), but we would like to start getting the message out in our community. We have shared our successes with friends that have asked and those that have started their own program also seem to be experiencing the benefits of keto living. However, so many people in our age cohort have metabolic dysfunction and offering unsolicited advice seems ineffective (especially since we are not doctors). We were thinking that if we started some sort of community program, we could reach people effectively. We are really dedicated to getting this message out, and we want to formulate a plan that is efficiently executable. Asking people who have been eating a low fat, high carb, calorie restricted diet for decades to completely reverse all of their thinking and behaviors (and often against medical norms) requires both finesse from the messenger and readiness from the receiver.

Do you all have any ideas? We would like to have a well thought out strategy, so we thought we could start by asking here.This forum is so full of support and information.

We are looking forward to Ketofest! We are buying our fest and airline tickets today. This will be our first trip away from our kids in over 2 years!


Richard. I discovered this interesting website and podcast which I believe fits in well into the “Activism” category.

Perhaps you might wish to reach out to Melody in Australia for a joint podcast.

(Jeanne Wagner) #4

THE REAL SKINNY ON FAT: The Truth about Weight Loss Episode 1: https://youtu.be/CdoSSaKjv7A

I’m posting this here because I think it’s a good match for trying to spread the word and educate people, and helping others. Hang onto your hats people!!! This is everything we are talking about and trying to educate others about. And it has the science in it!!

An eight-episode series about keto (without it saying keto). Hosted by Montel Williams and Naomi Whittel. You know Montel has muscular dystrophy and has been on a health journey for years now. If you don’t like Montel, try to look past that. This is really good.

I AM SO EXCITED BY THIS SERIES. I watched it and all the light bulbs went off and I was jumping up and down in my chair. This is amazing you guys. I hope it goes a long damn way into educating people about REAL FOOD low carbohydrate, high fat, moderate protein living. Please share it everywhere!!

(Jane ) #5

I could not keep up. Kept forgot to play it as a podcast and forget the video. I found it was actually TOO polished for me and kind of felt like an infomercial. I think it could have been off putting to some.

(Jeanne Wagner) #6

I could not keep up either, unfortunately, but I have seen the 1st episode a couple times now… and I saw about 1/4 of the 9th episode. Yes, it’s quite info-mecially done, but man the information is exactly what we’re learing. I still think it’s a perfect resource for keto and similar information.