About bone broth


I only have access to conventional bone broth or good quality bone broth concentrate or powder
and my concern is the second one might lose some nutrients during the manufacturing process?
could anyone give me any advice?

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #2

I think that’s a given during any manufacturing process, including making your own. I guess the issue is whether the product is still acceptable for your needs.


any good quality broth is acceptable if you want it, concentrate or powder or whatever you like. I wouldn’t overthink it. If you do well on it, just use it.


I’d go with the quality stuff in the powder form, being in powder form doesn’t change anything, it’s just freeze dried which actually probably makes it fresher than the other stuff. Kinda how flash frozen vegetables in the freezer section are technically “fresher” than the stuff out for you to grab. Seems backwards, but also makes sense. OR you can start making rotisserie chicken or buying beef bones a normal thing and doing your own, if you have a pressure cooker you can do it in a couple hours, or just crock pot it for a day, makes a lot more than you think and really doesn’t take much effort until the end.

(Ronald Weaver) #5

Does anybody have any suggestions about what brands might be available in Europe ? Particularly France and UK.
Appreciate the help…


How many pounds of bone do you need to make your own? And are some bones better than others? TIA!

(Vic) #7

I collect bones from everything I eat and put them in the freezer.

When I have enough for my 8litre pressure cooker I make bonebroth of the frozen bones.

Its always a mix of bones.

(Vic) #8

Hi Ron,

As far as I know, they are all crap to some degree.

I use cheap boullion powder sometimes as a spice, but only very little bit.

For the rest I make my own broth


(Ronald Weaver) #9

Thanks for the reply. Any of the bouillon cubes I see here… in France… seem to be loaded with all sorts of chemicals. Even the “Bio” ones have probably got green kryptonite in them.
To hell with the modern world, I’m off to get some bones tomorrow !


Good decision I guess. It’s so easy to get bones… We don’t have broth in carton here and I barely used the cubes as a kid let alone as a health-conscious adult (way, way later).
Making broth is very easy. I usually make meat soups but now I have some bones in the freezer waiting for the pressure cooker to be free…
Most of my fav carni dishes are so super easy to make, I still need some time to get used to it!