Abnormal run training heart rates


Hi Edith. Yes definitely, if you are running on Keto, add 15-20 beats to your normal “non-Keto” heart rate. This also applies to your LTHR or Anaerobic threshold. My LTHR before Keto was 165 bpm, now I have added 15 beats to it and have it set at 180 bpm. The effort and RPE is exactly the same. If you run to your “non-Keto” HR you will undertrain.

(Tor Christian Stamnes) #42

That’s exactly my experience too. Before Keto I would get my heart rate up to about 180 on treshold intervals. On keto more closely to 190. My HRmax is 200 (non-Keto).

I did alot of 2-hour workouts averaging araound 80% of HRmax on keto without any problems. I was as strict keto as possible eating 10-15grams of CHO. So after my 1-2 times weekly VO2max interval sessions with such little CHO I was struggling to “come down” the following days. It could take up to 3 days before I could feel my body was in a “homrone balance”. I learned it the “hard way” too. Now I eat the amount of CHO which I estimate I would burn during my intervals, and that’s the way I think.
Its pure biochemistry as I know now :slight_smile: Anarobic work needs anarobic fuel…

(Alec) #43

I am getting this as well. My average HR is definitely higher on keto than pre keto. What’s super interesting is that my maxHR has increased by at least 5 bpm. Theoretically this is not possible, your max is your max. But conditions the same, test the same, equipment the same, higher max. Not just a one off, but consistently.

Body needs more oxygen to burn fat? Really? Is that biochemically true?

(Mario) #44

your maxHR is not MAX by definition! you can force it to rise (a little bit), or it will go down by aging.