AB & J Breakfast

(Alix Hayden) #1

Almond butter and jicama anyone?

(AnnaLeeThal) #2

Looks good!


Can’t wait to try this with liver pate! :yum:

(Lysa Hill) #4

You just gave me an idea for a new guacamole vehicle. Thanks!:grin:

(Guardian of the bacon) #5

I need to know more about Jicama. Is it keto approved? @Brenda Where’s the rule book? What I found on it, it looks very versatile.

(Alix Hayden) #6

Here’s the nutritional breakdown for 100g from the USDA database. About 4-5 g net carbs, a hit of vitamin C, B complex vitamins, and some other trace vitamins and minerals. It has a very neutral taste, and a texture like apple or water chestnut.

(Guardian of the bacon) #7

Trying to wrap my head around what size a 100g serving would be?

(Alix Hayden) #8

I read on another nutritional breakdown that the serving size was 100g or a cup of cubes, if that helps.


Thanks for inspiring me…here is my herbed liver pate on jicama I ate today…

(Guardian of the bacon) #10

is this a single slice if jicama?


Haha…yes the photo shows one single slice…but I ate three slices (ahem…)

(Guardian of the bacon) #12

Raw? or fried?



(Larry Lustig) #14

A quarter pound, more or less.


Here, I took this picture to help you out:

The slice weighs 71 grams, and it is approx 1/4 inch thick. I put the egg (large size) in the picture to give you scale.

(Guardian of the bacon) #16

now I just need to find one.

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #17

It went down with the Facebook ship.

(Guardian of the bacon) #18

Awesome…so no more Fuckin rules?

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #19

I ain’t got time for fucing rules

(Guardian of the bacon) #20

I love me a little anarchy.