Has anyone used this product? I’m interested because my doctor said because I’ve lowered my blood sugar enough, I’ll only be eligible once a year for an A1C test. Is it worth it or better to just use daily glucose monitor?

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It is a bit pricey ($200 as of the date this is put in):

Once a year seems crazy, if the goal is to reduce that. What most studies show is that HbA1c plummets on low carb/keto. You can get a tremendous decrease quickly. (Unlike body fat for most of us, sadly.)

The problem with the daily glucose monitor is you’re using a lot of strips and the daily fluctuations make it hard to determine sometimes what’s happening.

It’s a good question, one for which I’m not sure I have an answer, other than a year seems like a long time to wait.


Actually, I received an add which says I can buy it for $60.00 with four test strips. So four times a year. I can’t find where you can buy only the test strips.

If you think it is bad, only to be tested once a year, my Medicare plus supplemental health insurance will only pay for one test strip a day. I test three times so it is all on me.

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One test a day? That is beyond useless.

That is weird – I also can’t see where you can buy extra strips for the A1c.

I would definitely test at least 3 times per day, as this is my blood sugar:

You can’t get these curves without testing a lot.

We really need to have CGMs get cheaper.


That’s another thorn. My doctor won’t prescribe unless I test in the 170’s. He said he isn’t allowed to. I keep wondering how all the Youtubers who aren’t diabetic have them.

I am really pleased with my progress. I don’t have charts but I test three times a day. Morning and then two hours after a meal. If I only eat once then I test at the time I would have eaten. I average these. I know not scientific but I can see a trend. When I began 9 months ago I was in the 170’s that quickly dropped to the 140s then a slow drop to the low 130s. This past month I dropped to 120.

Still have a long way to go but the medical guru’s don’t want to make it easy.

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Those are great numbers.


For T1’s yes.

For T2’s…do you not think that’s a wee bit paranoid, especially with this WOE?

If you have reversed T2, 6 months bloods is what NHS (UK) advise…but you may have other consultations in between. Especially if you have quit meds.


You can’t just buy the strips, the meters are coded to the amount of tests they’re allowed to do. That said, there’s one company making those for everybody, you can buy them at CVS/Walgreens/Walmart (usually a 2 pack) for $35-$40, I wouldn’t try to get them in that big of a bulk or spend that money given how often you’d test.


Apologies folks. Again, it’s different in each region.

Obviously, I’m UK, and the majority on here will be US.


Sorry, I don’t understand.

If you are referring to the allowed testing I think the reason that labs and tests are so restricted is because I’m on Medicare, even though I have a private supplement. Other insurances may have different standards and requirements.


Thank you for the info. Makes sense.


Apologies, I wasn’t clear there, sorry.

We don’t have medicare, but we can get private med insurance if you are so inclined,
That may be a part of your job’s T&Cs. If you are that lucky.

We have NHS, National Health Service, across all 4 parts of the UK.

Well loved, well respected.

A huge drain on tax…but in the round, across the board, supported.