A year on keto from a gal with PCOS


(Eliz~) #41

You look great!! My GYN told me that for her PCOS patients (I too have PCOS) losing 1 pound was the same as a person without PCOS losing 3 lbs. So just think! A person without PCOS would have lost 75 lbs, to our 25 lbs. We start with a “handicap”. But we can do it!!!


I’m so inspired by your story and it couldn’t have come at a better time! Thank you for sharing. You look amazing! You look like you have lost much more than you report and just look overall healthier! Great for you! :slight_smile:

(MelissaH) #43

@rhltechie after listening to the podcast you linked with Dr. Cabeca, I bought her book keto green. It’s a great read! Very informative for any hormonal issues, or aging woman. I’m doing her 10 day reset right now and have lost 6 pounds :astonished: I’m sure some will come back but it’s exciting nonetheless! Thanks again Mandy!!
The Hormone Fix: Burn Fat… https://www.amazon.com/dp/0525621644?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

(Mandy) #44

Wow, that’s great @Monurse! I may have to check out her book as well!

(cat gilliland) #45

congrats. you are looking great! you’re not the only slow loser. I’m t2 diabetic, so my insulin resistance is very high and my weight loss has been pretty slow too. I’m happy for even slow progress as previously I was always putting on a few extra pounds each year. my weight has ups and downs, but last year I only lost about 25 pounds overall and still have about 50 more pounds to lose. Hopefully, I can get most of that off this year.

(Charlene) #46

Wow this is amazing info! I also have PCOS and struggle with Insulin Resistance and losing weight. So hard to get under control! A 25 pound weight loss in 1 year is :heart_eyes: Congratulations! Keeping my fingers crossed that my next round of blood tests shows better fasting insulin numbers.

(Mandy) #47

It can be a struggle but I’m just keeping on! I’m never gaining these days but holding steady for months at a time. Eventually losing a half pound here and there. The weight loss is great but my hba1c is 4.5, fasting glucose is 79 and all my other numbers are great. All factors point to me getting healthier by the day! The weight will either come off or… It wont. Lol. I’m pretty happy with my current size, even if still a Lil chubby.

(Ellen) #48

Happy Ketoversary Mandy!

(Ashley) #49

Happy Keto-versary! And yay to health!

(Jaharri Asten) #50

Even though you may have only lost 25 lbs you look much much better and much healthier. Congratulations keep up the good work😊

(traci simpson) #51

you look AMAZING!!! that’s more than 25 pounds girl!!!


Wow. I really needed to read this. I’m six weeks in, have PCOS, hashimoto’s (and more)…and I get so jealous of other people’s dramatic weight loss! But I’m learning a ton, and I have more energy, far less food cravings. It really helps me to stay focused on keto as a healing diet, not a weight loss diet. So thank you for this.