A new game. What can you see in this picture?

(Veronica) #1

When I was a child I would amuse myself lying on the grass making out pictures in a cloudy sky. This morning, when having my daily coffee fix, I couldn’t help but notice this picture in the cream.
To me it looks like a tree in a meadow. Perhaps the tree of life? In any case I’ll take it as a good sign.


Mostly just a creamy coffee :smiley:
But maybe intestines :slight_smile: Love towards Van Gogh especially the phase with the curly things (I am not eloquent, sorry).
And more intestines, the ones in my fridge that never received sausage meat because it’s troublesome and mostly useless to me, I tried it once… But my hope never dies, maybe I will use them again… Maybe today, I have sausage meat right now. Well lean pork mixed with bacon and sausage spices, close enough. It’s normally fattier meat with fat tissue and a tad too fatty for me (still good and sometimes I can use more fat in my day).

I just go and cook already, too hungry to see romantic non-food things here :smiley:

(Veronica) #3

Oh Shinita, your posts always amuse me. :slightly_smiling_face: I must admit I’m not feeling the usual hunger today, cream and coffee in the morning was enough. Then I had a plate of bacon and some walnuts. Later it will be smoked mackarel with steamed broccoli and green beans. But I’m just not feeling hungry. When I have days like that I make sure to eat anyway, as I know the body can be silly. It’s whenever I am low on energy. So I’ll eat like normal and I’m sure tomorrow my appetite will have returned to normal.


oh I thought you were on a carnivore experiment? I musta been mistaken on that :sunny: Keto is fine, I just thought carnivore caught your eye but all is cool for sure on that one, do you, any plan that suits you best definitely!!

I see in that mug…your brain fried on drugs HAHA

but ya know you wrote seeing items in clouds. I do that all the time floating in my pool. Look up and me and my kiddo would find all kinds of things, dragons, mickey mouse, dogs and so much more. One time we both saw Jimmy Hendrick in full portrait and it was wild we both saw that, and believe me, it looked just like him LOL

Living in NC we got the big billowy clouds that are fantastic for being seen as something, you brought back good memories me thinking about our cloud pic times :slight_smile:


I suspect that stuff makes me hungry so I avoid it before my first meal - and for many other reasons. I already very well aware that broth triggers appetite and hunger in me, very useful gateway food sometimes :wink:

I wasn’t properly hungry but not satiated anymore and that easily results in thinking about food in my case… Not like I can’t do that when very satiated but it’s different then.

I cooked, tasted a wee bit (lunchtime isn’t here yet and I am not hungry enough to start alone) and I have food pic I put into the carnivore thread :slight_smile:

The cream still don’t look much different to me but maybe freshly washed white clothes and cloths, still all rumpled up.

(Veronica) #6

Hi Fangs. I was on a carnivore experiment. But then a few things happened. I saw a lymphedema expert who also was knowledgeable about lipoedema. I simultaneously made the connection after looking up foods that specifically help the lymphatic system that these were the foods I had given up, some nuts, but mostly leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables, so I decided to eat them with my meat again. I am in doing so hoping I can finally help the swelling of my lipoedema more, as everything went pear-shaped (pun intended) when I was put on a different Tamoxifen brand. So I realised, because of the lipoedema and my lymphatic health, I needed to go back to my original WOE that was working in that it reduced both swelling and inflammation, which was keto.

(Denise) #7

intestines :laughing:

(Veronica) #8

Lol, you’re not the first to suggest that Denise. I guess I’m the only one seeing a tree still. I’ve always loved patterns.

Today I totally overdid the cream as I whipped it into such a lovely fluffy beauty, and both taste and texture was divine. I have the cutest little jar to do the job, just requires shaking it (a lot) and keeping the jar in the fridge, before, during and after the cream has reached that lovely fluffy texture.

(Denise) #9

wow, that looks delicious :wink: I’ve seen that pattern on jars before but don’t have any myself :slight_smile:

(Doug) #10

A cross-section of a brain.

(Veronica) #11

Thanks. It was a gift actually, a lovely gift from my SIL, it was originally filled with damson jam which she had made herself. Both my SO and our children loved the jam, so much so that it was soon gone. Now the jar is just perfect for making my whipped cream, so it really was such a thoughtful, useful gift🙂


my hubby drinks his little bit of coffee out of a travel mug.
I don’t drink tea or coffee. I have thrown out so MANY darn mugs and got like, 2 left in the house now. I will, and I know, never buy another mug in my lifestyle, I don’t even want one free from anyone HAHA
plus I couldn’t even give mine away, everyone has mugs, too many mugs :slight_smile:

(Veronica) #13

My SO does the same Fangs. My favourite mug is a pretty one with a dragonfly motive. I really do like mugs. And pretty jars. But then I’m a cream and coffee addict.


oh yes they float your boat!! I so get it.

me being a minimalist type personality they are just clutter to me HAHA


I have glasses with big dots on them :slight_smile: I try to remember to shot them, with coffee and cream tomorrow, I open my next box! :wink: I try to make the photo when it’s in the very funny pattern phase, I love that even when I don’t see anything in it. I need time for such things, I saw so many things in floor tiles and other things but the cream is moving.

I collect mugs, well not anymore, not enough space… My kitchen isn’t small but I have two huge windows and a door and it’s open from one side, oh there is the stairs too… So not enough upper cupboards. And I have lots of stuff, I need a cupboard for my eggs and egg cartons (and some jars) only…

I have a mug with a sheep, blue grass and yellow sky…