A little Science if you will

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Dr. Berg is not a researcher himself, and my impression is that he is sometimes operating on the basis of outdated studies.

I prefer to listen to the primary researchers in the field. Stephen D. Phinney, M.D., Ph.D.; Jeff S. Volek, R.D., Ph.D.; Richard D. Feinman, Ph.D.; Thomas Seyfried, Ph.D.; Uffe Ravnskov, Ph.D.; Robert Lustig, M.D., Ph.D.; Eric Westman, M.D.; Benjamin Bikman, Ph.D.; Grant Schofield, Ph.D.; Catherine Crofts, Ph.D.; and many others.

The science journalists, Gary Taubes and Nina Teicholz are also known for the quality of their voluminously-documented surveys of the field of nutrition research.

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Paul, have you ever done carnivore yourself?

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No. I live in a household of carbivores, which makes it difficult. On the other hand, steak with butter is delicious, so there may be hope for me yet. :grin:

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Here is a link to where that chart comes from -

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And … there’s the problem. He’s not a doctor, he’s a chiro, and his real skill seems to be gathering fanatical followers who love his pseudoscience and regurgitate it endlessly.

I guess I’m saying Berg is best avoided :smiley:


Berg reminds me of this high school classmate snake. I can’t even take him seriously for more than 2 seconds and I’ve never understood how he has so many followers. :man_shrugging: Paid subscribers and views? :thinking:

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Yes sir, the evidence is cited right their in your post?

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That is not very polite @atomicspacebunny, please stop posting micro-aggressive personal responses when you don’t like what someone has said.

Incidentally, “your” means “belonging to you” whereas “you’re” is the standard abbreviation for “you are”. Your and you’re are not interchangable in the English language.

In addition “ their” means “belonging to them” whereas “there” is the location where something may be found.

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And as matter of your past “micro aggressive personal responses“ towards me I would very politely and kindly ask the same of you?

“Liking“ something and finding or re-visiting ‘mistakes‘ are two different things!

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Thank you for editing the impolite part of your post.

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I have never made any personal remarks to you Bunny, as you well know. Tit for tat responses are a bit “playground banterish” for my taste, but as my Granny used to say “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me”.


Yet you went grammar nazi in a previous post? If that’s not tit for tat I don’t know what is.

That I’ll agree with all day long, however you can’t believe in sticks and stones and simultaneously use snowflake buzzwords like “micro aggression” Do words hurt you or don’t they? Are you REALLY offended or just looking for an excuse to be?

C’mon people! We’re adults remember? Thicken that skin up!

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I am not offended. I was not the subject of the impolite remarks.

Do you really mean “grammar nazi”? It would appear that Bunny does not know how to write good English and if no-one tells her she will continue to misuse it. That does not make me a Nazi, that makes me a person willing to share my knowledge for the benefit of all.


Ummm, ya! That’s the literal definition of a grammar nazi.

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Folks, please play nice. Name-calling is not civil discourse, which is what we are hoping you will all engage in. If it will help, I can lock the thread for a while until tempers cool.

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I almost forgot how much folks hate Dr Berg in this forum! :joy::joy:

But I’m glad I came over here to ask you guys :ok_hand:t5:

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Well, I’m going to continue on for the 30 days. I’ve been meaning to try carnivore, but was scared to leave the vegetables alone in fear of constipation.

It was this new video that convinced me to go ahead and give it a try :point_down:

Its the part of “Eat all you want as OFTEN as you want” that got the wheels in my head turning.


your = object belonging to a single person. your car, your house, your land…

their = object belonging to two or more people. their car, their house, their land…

there = location of something.

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Yes my grammar is not up to par, never my best subject…lol Thank you for reminding me!

Grammar checker is always switching my sentences and words also, I try to correct everything manually the best I can.

Maybe I should start my own Teach Bunny Proper Grammar or Bunny Learns Proper Grammar thread…lol