A good seasoning I use a lot now

(Bob M) #1

I saw a recommendation for this on Twitter:

The person posting it was Mexican-American, and I had never heard of it. I ordered a bottle (this big one from Amazon). I think it’s great. So good, that I just got my second bottle.

I have not seen this in a local store, though.

I use it to add to my mainly meat lunches. (Today, I had meat, cheese, olives.)

(Stephanie ) #2

It’s delicious on everything :blush:. We buy ours at the Walmart


I can FEEL that’s my new favorite spice. I have a huge Mexican population in my area, gonna try to get some while I’m out today!

(Bob M) #4

If anyone tries it, let me know what you think. To me, it’s not “spicy” at all, but I’m one of those people who can eat “wings of DEATH” and be OK.

(UsedToBeT2D) #5

It has added sugar. Beware.


Doesn’t seem there’s enough to matter according to the label, not sure of the others since it seems there’s more than one of them.


I don’t find it hot spicy either @ctviggen but that kick of the lime is nice and zingy.

(Bob M) #8

The ingredients: chili peppers, sea salt, citric acid, contains 0.5% or less of dehydrated lime juice, silicon dioxide (to prevent caking). That’s it. List 0 g carbs and 0 calories, but that’s for 1/4 tsp.

(Jack Bennett) #9

I get it at Aldi. I think the sugar comes from the dehydrated lime juice. It adds a nice tangy flavor but it’s not that hot :hot_pepper:

(GINA ) #10

Our local Mexican restaurant puts that on the rim of fruity margaritas. It is everywhere around here.

(Bob M) #11

This says it’s 200 calories/100 grams:


That’s about 2 calories per gram, or (if it’s all carbs) 0.5 grams carbs/gram product. 1/4 tsp is 1 gram. So, if you ate 2 tsp, you would get 2 tsp x (1 gram product/ 1/4 tsp) = 8 grams product, about 4 g carbs. So, a bit high if you care about that amount of carbs and you eat that much of it.

Though I’m not sure these numbers add up. If the dehydrated lime juice is 0.5% of the weight, it seems like that can’t be 0.5 grams carbs per gram product. The chili peppers (main ingredient) could have some carbs, but how “accessible” are those?

If anything, I think there’s a possibility that making meat more palatable by using this spice could mean you eat more. Is that true? Not sure. That would be a hard study to design.


You may need to look near the fruit section of your grocery store. I have never thought to use it on anything but fruit or margaritas so I will have to find it in my cupboard and start trying it on different foods. Thanks for suggestion.