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we have to make it fit US as a person and the lifestyle we want to live and we on carnivore have ‘very little play’ truly. We are animal kingdom meals only…those darn condiments, coffee/tea, alcohol etc. throw us just into ‘what each of us need to make a happy sustainable life and be long term WOE’ is, well, just that. Super personal :slight_smile:

I am like you Septimius that I dropped all condiments other than a select few that is rare in use now in my journey but will still drink a beer, wait I don’t drink beer anymore, in my carnivore journey I gave it up cause I hate the taste now LOL, but I drank some when I started…now I am just rum. I hate anything but rum and that is my drink of choice and I wonder truly, how much longer before I give that up? a year or 2 cause I see now my desire to drink is leaving me on zero carb.

Our carnivore plan changes us truly!! Anyone on plan longer and the more you hold tighter to all in with this plan, the more amazing a person’s actual big change really is :slight_smile: It is a wonderful ride!!

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #22

Actually, there is evidence to suggest that our ancestors had at least some control over fire since before the human race existed as a separate species, so I don’t think we can just assume that they ate their food raw. They may well have done so, but we need evidence to show that.

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Catching fire by Richard Wrangham is a good book on the subject.
Like today its probably always been a mix of raw and cooked.

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You realize this is the “ketogenic” forums, correct? 5000g/month is about 167g/day, which is about 835 grams of sweet potato per day, about 30 ounces, or almost 2 pounds of sweet potato per day.

I have no bias against people eating carbs, but I begin to wonder why someone is on a ketogenic forum, when they’re not ketogenic.

And I’m for calories (need them to live), though I am anti-tracking (sorry, I have nothing against people who track, but I would rather have my teeth pulled without pain killers than track), I generally eat low(er) fat, I eat a ton of salt (with/without context…whatever that is), and am unsure of artificial sweeteners (they seem to cause more issues for me than the benefits they provide, though I do use some sometimes).

Maybe ketogains is for you instead?


but for the record, the FB Strict Zero Carb/Carnivore sites say it plainly in their rules and mission statement. Most say you chat plants supplements or offer medical advice like to take supps/vitamins/minerals to others who have issues you can get booted. No medical advice, supps to ‘save anyone’ or eating plants to ‘fix issues’ and more. It is written plainly for all in carnivore sites that hold true to plan. Then the admin. will allow loose or not allow any sway. Like World Carnivore Tribe, you can eat berries, honey, some lc plants and they pretend they are carnivore and they don’t get booted yet on another site you say that, and the admin. will boot ya so it is site handled for each one on how much they allow.


Ya, been here a long time now. Thanks. I do a hybrid TKD/CKD and my carbs are burned around workouts.

I don’t know… You think is could be because I started LCHF eating with Atkins in 2007, did that for many years, lost 100lbs, Did super strict keto for many years, lost almost 100lbs for a second time and have well over a combined decade of knowledge on the subject to help many others who don’t even come close to having that amount of it?

I started eating carbs around workout and doing weekly refeeds because contrary to what many (including myself for many years said) your gym performance suffers without them. I’m now back to being way more muscle than fat, as almost as strong again as I was in my late 20’s. Something I could never pull off on Atkins or Keto no matter what approach I tried. and I tried them all. I also maintain a 4.8-5.2 A1C while doing so. It works. The fact I eat more carbs than most here doesn’t invalidate all the knowledge I have on the subject.

Ketogains was the first place that started changing my mind on how to approach keto, vs here. Mainly not dumping bacon grease all over everything and ignoring calories, guess what happened? I lost more bodyfat and got stronger. Not sure how much you even know about them over there but it’s about 90% Standard keto over there.

You let me worry about whats “for me”.

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Did you sign up for their boot camp program or just utilize free info from their site? I want to get leaner.

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Coffee and fat causing fat storage sounds like a load of baloney. If anything, caffeine assists fat loss by increasing the metabolic rate by 5%. Taken chronically, it can be counter-productive, but the same goes for any stimulant.

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I’m not sure there’s enough evidence that fire use was a common practice before 300,000 odd years ago. But I could be wrong.

And our unusually high stomach acidity might suggest we made a habit of eating raw, decaying carcasses.


I didn’t, but for a while I did their version of the 5x5 program, not that it’s anything unheard of as I do much more advanced workouts now but between being their for years and having a descent handful of direct convo’s with Luis I can tell you their approach and mindset works very well and I wouldn’t hesitate at all to go for it! When your goals are to build lean muscle mass and shed fat you’ll be very happy with the results that mindset gets you.

There are some differences clearly from the mindset of the strictly “weight” loss keto and disease management keto obvioulsy, mainly accepting that calories matter, dumping the fear of protein, and switching mindsets on fat as not a freebie anymore, but I can promise if you follow it you’ll be very happy with your results! As you can see, sometimes “cookie cutter keto” bites back when you deviate from the tribe but it is what it is.

Also feel free to pick my brain all you want. I can also point you to some other like minded places as well. I plan on putting up a post hopefully this week on helping people with slowed metabolisms as I’ve seen a ton of that around lately, at my worst (pretty much when I decided what I was was doing wasn’t working) my RMR clocked in at ~1700, my bodyfat was around 18% I think, I had a DEXA and RMR redone on Easter and at 215lbs my bodyfat is now 11.7% and my RMR is 3758!

It works!


This would be interesting, if you have the time to write it.