A Calorie is Not A Calorie - A Discussion of Thermodynamics

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:smile: is right. Our fat is really close to pure (non-polar molecules), while carbs and protein are more polar and have to hook up with something; almost always water in the body. Gram for gram, hydrated carbs and protein are ~1/6 as energy dense as is fat.

Fairly lean person, around 11 kg or 24 lbs of fat on them. Let’s say they store the same amount of energy as glycogen. :: waves magic wand… :: Now they weigh an additional 55 kg or 121 lbs. Yee haa…

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And are more vulnerable to mould infections.

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How the ketosis metabolic advantage works: it takes more energy to convert fatty acids into ketones than the amount of energy you get out of the resultant ketones. And it’s significant. Somewhat technical, but fairly easy to get the overall gist if not the details.

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From Ben Bikman I understand that other metabolic advantages are increased mitochondrial density in brown fat, and when it’s really working, in white subcutaneous fat as well. Via uncoupling protein signals the energy can be “wasted” at the mitochondrial membrane to produce heat. Bikman believes the evidence points to signalling via ketones. My n=1 is that I had developed uncomfortable cold feet in winter with white patches on them, and didn’t tolerate cold very well. After changing my diet to produce ketones I heated up and have not had a single cold foot since and need less bed covers.

I also notice other ways that my body burns through energy. When I’m hanging out with other people in a room I notice that I am MUCH less still. It’s really striking. I’d guess this is mediated via adrenaline so that my body can waste calories and stay at the same set point year in year out.

This is the sort of stuff I find most fascinating! The body is so clever when it’s running well

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@HelenW You may find this of interest:

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I did read that thread. My warm experience is more generalised. Sometimes, not often, I get a feeling of heat straight after eating. I’ll try pay attention to what food/meal causes it.
Not really a turmeric person and I’m so far into the brown fat zone that I’m not tempted.

Years ago I worked in a lab and brown fat was one of the things we studied. I didn’t have any metabolic advantages at that point in life but the early exposure to metabolism turned out to be highly valuable