A 45ish Hour Fast

(Cancer Fighting Ketovore :)) #1

I ate rather late last night (around 10:30pm). I’m thinking of trying to fast until supper tomorrow. I want some autophagy, but don’t really have fat reserves, except on my thighs, to pull from. I’m tracking glucose and ketones every so often, and I’m also drinking green tea with MCT oil (I don’t think it will effect things). I’m thinking I’ll get about 45 hours in my fast. I hadn’t really planned on doing it, but want to have supper tomorrow with the family (it’s easy enough to skip it tonight).

(Susan) #2

That is great, autophagy is a wonderful thing. Good luck with your fast!

(Allie) #3

How are you getting on? :slight_smile:

(Cancer Fighting Ketovore :)) #4

It went well. I’m doing well, all things considered.
I made a log for my fasts here.

I will probably try again in two weeks, just trying to get a few baseline readings. Then I’ll probably try a longer fat fast (maybe 72hrs). But I need to make sure to feast beforehand.