#91 Richard Morris talks Calories!


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Daisy's latest extraordinary man, Richard, returns to the podcast to talk calories! This is the first in a three-part mini series where I asked one question to three guests: "Do you think people with weight to lose need to consider calories if they are experiencing a long plateau when eating a ketogenic diet?"

Richard is a 53 year old software developer and technical speaker who built financial systems to expose risk on Wall Street and has worked on systems from industrial robots to payroll. At 38, he was the public-facing chief executive of a major software component company when he discovered he had type 2 diabetes. At 40 he retired, to devote his time into learning about type 2 diabetes and reversed his own with the ketogenic diet 5 years ago.

With Carl Franklin he founded the 2 Keto Dudes podcast (over 250,000 monthly downloads), and the international Ketofest event to help popularize the intervention as a treatment for type 2 diabetes. 

Last year Richard went back to school to study Biochemistry, and he is currently producing videos debunking bad science journalism.

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End Quote

(Bunny) #2

Love that end quote “…Everything in moderation…” seems to get bad press in the minds of people (e.g. Dr. Berg) these days?

I found portion size and control (the whole reason calories where counted to begin with but they lost focus?) to be a wonderful way to bring equilibrium back into common sense arena, as for counting calories I could eat only table sugar and still get into ketosis although not much nutrition with the empty calories…


I tried 3x but the sound cuts out at I’m Daisy Brackenhall.

(Joyce Fisher) #4

Question for Richard:
If one has been plateaued for over a year AND are still a very IR T2D (latest fasting insulin of 15, latest A1C of 6.3%, US measurements), how does one figure out which tissues are still IR?
All in all a fascinating and enlightening talk!


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