9-bread (Psyllium Husks + Eggs) - came out well


(PJ) #1

I paused my many iterations of the eggwhite breadish because I cannot get past the “dry-ing” effect of it when eaten. I went back to a recipe I used to use, that uses psyllium husks and eggs to make a course bread. I had stopped making it because (I call it 9-bread) it takes up a lot of ingredients. On the other hand I’m trying to get eggs down my throat and had too many, so this seemed like a good time.

It can be made with water or any liquid. I had no drinking water (I don’t use tap water) or broth so ended up using homemade milk kefir lol – which works fine. Does up the calories and carbs a bit though.

Next time I will double the batch. The deep “kaiser roll” type ventilated baking thing I use (which is hell to wash, but bakes great and with such a great texture) they are pretty big and this only half or less filled each well.

But double is 18 medium or large eggs. (!!!) So…

Been a long time since I made this particular breadish version. Since I couldn’t fully tame the “dry-ing” effect of the eggwhite bread, I started liking the idea of my old heavy-dense psyllium-egg bread better.

Note that I meant to make it with water, then didn’t have any good water, so I made it with kefir (the only liquid I had), which upped the calories and carbs both somewhat.

Recipe + detail spreadsheet with stats:

I made it in the hard-to-clean deep-round-rolls perforated baking-thing. It did not stick; running a knife around the edge of each first I think helped; but I still suspect it’s gonna be a b— to get clean!

Sliced in half, I used three halves to fit in the tray of my air fryer lid. Then I rubbed garlic all over it (the rough surface of the bottom/sides of these, from that pan, is very good for the rubbing-garlic part), added some good butter, and a thin slice each of cheddar and jack cheeses. YUM.

I had 3 other halves with just butter to test the taste (was fine). Skip however ate half of this. :slight_smile: The just-butter ones, not the garlic ones.

There is actually not quite enough batter for the 8 wells in this pan. Probably would have been better to make six, and even then, they would still only be half-full. Twice this probably would have filled them, but then, one of the issues this recipe has esp with kefir instead of water, is being just slightly damp in the middle, so it’s better not to make it super thick like a loaf IMO. The best variants I ever made with this were done in bagel/donut silicone mold pans.

I should add: it tastes just fine. But I prefer it best grilled or under the air fryer toasted, and then with butter, garlic butter, or something else on it. I slice the rolls short-ways so I get 2 rounds from this batch but it’d be 4 if the wells were full.



Once I made rolls with lots of phyllium husk and flax seed :smiley: Being me, managed to eat the whole batch, it was a fiber-y day! :smiley: It was super fun and bouncy. Simpler than this but this one isn’t very complicated either, there are optional ingredients, spices don’t count the same to me…

Is is important to make them in a complicated way? I mean, I always just mix everything, I am super lazy like that and it typically works. A few ingredients love to attach to water, they are the exceptions.
And as I have no egg white powders and the bread has a lot of liquid, I inevitably think about using fresh egg whites…
I am wary of too much coconut flour as it alters the texture and makes everything sweet and coconutty, maybe not with ALL the others but I am sensitive at it, I probably would use something else instead a part of it…
I still don’t know what gelatin does as it did about nothing in my PSMF bread experiments… It’s such a nice ingredient though :slight_smile: I would love it to do something very apparent and useful.

I’m sorry, I never can resist experimental breads but I just started a carnivore month so I won’t do something similar to this yet (I make carni PSMF bread experiments instead, so many things to try! if I add plant ingredients, that complicate things immensely anyway. but I bought some phyllium husk lately, I surely will use it eventually).

That’s nice, at least there are leftovers :smiley: But sometimes number of eggs scares me a bit too. Like when I plan a small icecream cake, almost carnivore… And I realize it takes 36 eggs or more…
I soon will have 200 eggs though, we buy a lot now that it isn’t super expensive yet (and anyway, I eat eggs, always. 200 is a very pleasing amount to have).

But making a small batch when we aren’t sure about the recipe is a good thing to do, I always do that. I end up with ridiculously tiny portions - or not but every little bun is a bit different… I always have many ideas to try.

(Jane) #3

Thanks for the recipe - I think I may actually have everything on hand to make these and will try a batch this weekend.

(PJ) #4

Um. This is “mix eggs and everything dry but psyllium. Add water/oil to psyllium, stir give it 15 seconds, then dump into the other bowl and mix.” That’s it.

Psyllium is affected by the warmed water/oil. It needs a few seconds to to hydrate and bind, and then you add it to everything else before it has bound TOO much. It’s a very special kind of substance. :slight_smile:

Don’t ever put psyllium husks or powder in a blender or food processor. It’s like it sticks to every molecule of them. If I have any recipe that needs psyllium, everything else can be mixed (and first), and then you add the hydrated psyllium to it and mix again.

By default most my recipes that I tweak myself much end up coming down to “dump it into the (blender, food processor, bowl with beaters) then dump it in a pan” and this one is actually super close to that.

(PJ) #5

Recently I tossed some still-frozen (just thawed enough to pry the packaging off the bottom) BLSL chicken thighs 3# in the instant pot and cooked them for 45 minutes. Gave the dog some and dumped the rest in a bowl in the fridge.

Today I tossed some of the chicken in my mini-ninja with mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, and rosemary, and made ‘deviled chicken’ although I should have added a bit of sweetener because the deviled stuff has a sweet kick. It made a perfect pate.

I cut a 9-bread roll into 3 rounds, put them under the air fryer lid on the ninja for 5 minutes, then piled the chicken pate on top of them. Worked great. Insanely easy. I think I will be making pate in bulk from now on. I could probably omit the wet stuff and freeze it.

As for the bread, I wrapped one roll in paper towels, and then vacuum sealed it and tossed in freezer. I will see if it’s possible to defrost it and have it be remotely edible. I can’t see how anybody could defrost a breadish and not have it end up soggy wet. But it’s worth the experiment.

My new eating plans is 2x 42-hr fasts and 3x 16/8 Keto IF for two weeks, and then 7x 16/8 higher calorie and much higher carb, back and forth. We will see if this is useful after a couple months. I’m doing this based on the research that showed weight loss seemed to work and stay off better in cycles.

The missing piece is I don’t know what my real metabolic rate is in order to eat precisely to match it on the high cycles, like they did in the study. Alas. I can only wild guess, pretty much.

Anyway thought I’d mention this in this thread since it works really great for a superquick open-top or sandwich.


(David Cooke) #6

I really do miss my good Swiss breads. Psyllium husks are just too expensive for me here in Thailand so at last I came up with a breakfast solution (soaking up the egg yolk). I just mix one tablespoonful of coconut flour with one egg. Fry it, does the job, not as sophisticated as the above recipe of course but very quick and easy to make.

(Rebecca ) #7

Wow! This sounds simple AND good! A “must try” for this weekend! Thanks for sharing it.


Okay so it’s like gelatin when we jelly things. That’s a chore too :smiley: But I like jelly :smiley:
(Putting anything into my whipped eggs is already a complication… I can be super lazy when I know I can do nice things that way.)

I just never saw phyllium husk in recipes where they got this extra treatment, it was simply mixed it every time…

And I wondered for minutes about the “nuke”… Does it mean warmed…?

I ground phyllium husk in my nut grinder… But now I just buy phyllium husk powder.

Maybe vaguely related… I mixed sour cream and dried dill and a tiny bit of salt into my whipped eggs today and they stayed firm :smiley: Yay. They were nice too. Of course nothing like a bread but nice ~

I have a few such recipes, from my distant past so forgot, I like fluffy breads so rarely used them. It’s a flatbread type thing, it has its uses… I dislike sweet, coconut flavored bread when I want a neutral one but once I had a recipe where the coconut flour kinda worked…
I am all for simple recipes, I have many such ones :slight_smile: It’s almost surprising how well works if I just omit all plant stuff from recipes… Sometimes I need to replace it with a little something but sometimes even that isn’t needed. Oh the time when after YEARS of experiments with low-carb pancakes I realized that I just shouldn’t use any flour or water… It surely doesn’t work for everyone but it was an instant hit for me (I use sour cream though. mascarpone is even better but expensive, a more exotic item here and easily spoils)… Today I make a little biscuit type things, apart from the spice and condiment, I just mixed egg, sour cream and egg powder… It was nice. IDK if the sour cream is needed, I will try. I only made egg power recently.

(PJ) #9

Psyllium husks and psyllium husk powder behave a big differently. Serious Keto youtube channel has a video where he demonstrates this. Whole husks are better for everything I’ve tried so far.

I guess psyllium is not big in Thailand go figure :slight_smile:

coconut flour and egg – actually this is good, add a little bit of cream cheese, and some sweetener and vanilla and/or spice, and you’ll have a mock danish as we used to call them – you can nuke it (that means microwave it) in a bowl or cup, or grill it like a pancake, or even dump it into a dash mini for a waffle. You can also add things like collagen hydrolysate or other protein powders (esp unflavored whey isolate, better for most stuff) if you like. Up the quantity of ‘meal’ (like coconut) and it’s a bowl muffin. Reduce it enough and it’s vaguely like bread pudding. Leave some of the cream cheese in small chunks, and put a spoon of no-sugar jam or ground frozen berries in the middle before you nuke it, and you get the mock danish.

As for savory breads, I love Rye bread, so I add a little bit of salt, garlic powder and caraway seed to something and to me it’s Rye bread. LOL


(PJ) #10

Variant 1.11

I made a 1/3 batch in my big deep round roll ventilated pan. Boy those are a bitch to wash, but the texture is so groovy!

It ROSE. There are no ingredients that should make it rise. Must be some chemical reaction between these ingredients.

If you make it I recommend doing it in silicone muffin pan with the 1/3 batch size…

and adding some spices or seeds or something as there is not a lot of flavor in this besides the ingredients. It’s not bad, but maybe that’s partly because I toast it under air fryer lid then rub garlic all over it then put yummy butter on it and then some cheese or lunchmeat or whatever. I mean under those conditions it’s possible cardboard would be edible. :rofl:

(Robin) #11

Killer shot

(Rebecca ) #12

I’m trying the Egg& Coconut Flour “pancake” today!!

(PJ) #13

I slightly revised and rescaled the 9bread recipe and made it again today. This came out better than any breadish I have ever made in a good 15 years of grain-free keto (to be fair I was medically out about 7 years in the middle there, so about 7 of keto officially).

Honestly, this version today, was like bread. I mean actual bread. I don’t know why. It rises and there is nothing in there to make it rises. It has lots of air pocket holes for no apparent reason. It is not dry-ING like the eggwhite bread. It’s not heavy-dense like prior versions of this recipe I have done (this is v12). I’m going to do one more slight variant iteration – to slightly increase the dry meals and to get the recipe to a simple imperial volume measure instead of grams – and if that comes out the same, I will scale this up to vastly larger and make a full pan of the big deep round rolls and just freeze most of them once they’re totally cooled. Since it turns out I can cook on power level 2 for 5 minutes and apparently it thaws it perfectly well. Can’t believe I paid no attention to power level on microwave in my life until now. Finally softened butter and cream cheese instead of melted. Finally frozen bowl of chili thawed fully to cook fully instead of boiling even overcooked outside with a rock of ice still inside. Wow who knew.

I also changed the “process” instructions on this and I think the newer process works better.

I do super-thin slices and get 4 per roll (plus the mountaintop haha) but 2 per roll would be normal sized slices like for a sandwich.

They were far SOFTER than all the prior versions. Maybe removing the eggwhite? Changing to avocado oil? I honestly have no idea. But it’s great.

I’m so happy with this that I feel like I’ve finally accomplished something I’ve been aiming toward for so many years: a bread that is a lot like actual bread, that is not too dense, too hard, too dry, too wet, and so on.


Yeah that’s my problem with some of my breads… At least I solved it for my wheat breads, they never will be very airy but both me and my SO like it now (just because I don’t eat it and he eats it anyway, usually without complaints, it bothers me when my bread is a bit dense and ugly inside! They are always pretty on the outside, I love baking breads, no matter what type).
My keto and hybrid (still pretty low-carb) breads are good but not QUITE normal breads regarding airiness (and I talk about the level I like, not the superfluff in shops), I couldn’t solve that yet, well I rarely eat it and it’s still good so no big deal…
My sponge cakes are simply a bit too moist and deflated (still wonderful) but adding dry matter helps a lot. I managed to make something firm and airy using some fiber and inactive yeast (I bought so many things out of curiosity… sigh and I just can’t bring myself to throw them out when they can improve my baked things) yesterday… So I will experiment more. It had egg powder too but only a little, I need to make new ones!

Your new buns look pretty good! Still not exactly like a normal bread I suppose but it’s hard to tell as they are so very different too. And anyway, it matters how it tastes and feel :slight_smile: I personally don’t want my “bread” to be exactly like my wheat bread (well my wheat bread when I add eggs, it’s very rare as it’s carby and I don’t need that huge amount of flourness either. it’s just what is close to normal bread. carbs just can’t hide from me and non-carbs can’t act like carbs - with very few exceptions) , I just want a nice, airy, firm, not too moist, not too dry baked stuff, neutral so I can eat it savory but as a dessert too. The latter is optional, I have too many great sweets and not sweet but good enough desserts. My sponge cakes already gave me too many ideas in the past but they had very many yolks and that’s dessert-y…

I still could talk about this topic FOREVER. I keep experimenting, I like my egg powder, it’s fun! It’s just some extra work and I like my simple stuff too even if the texture could be better (but it’s not bad texture, I just want a firm one too) so I never dared to use much. That’s for the future.
And using my (finely powdered as I only have that, I buy it whole the next time) phyllium husk more on my days when I don’t stick to carnivore even as much as I normally do (it’s never fully strict now but that’s for emergencies while experimenting with firm baked things isn’t a real need no matter how stubborn I am regarding it).

BTW I liked the last recipe before this as it had so little egg powder (what, the new one has NONE?), maybe I can do something about it. I don’t have lupin flour but that’s a tiny change, I am used to changing 6 major things per recipe, okay it’s not so okay for baked things especially when I use liquid stuff instead of powder… But it never stopped me. I am aware I do something else but I experimented with baking very low-carb since AGES, extremely much. I have maybe hundreds of pages with experiments (not only for baked things but it is a big part) and I use abbreviations so a page may contain many versions… So I have some experience though one NEVER knows with baking. Cooking is loads easier, no experiments are needed, usually. I can predict the result from the recipe. Sometimes the ratios may need some finetuning but I don’t have this thing with the texture. I never know what I will get when I bake something a bit differently.

I don’t think I can set the power level on this new microwave I have. Oh well, I don’t need it for fragile operations (except defrosting egg whites but it has a defrost function at least. still manage to have ice and fried egg white after some point but I can get out half of the stuff normally - and then I better let it melt normally). And I bake about everything at 180C without preheating and it works well. I am a simple one like that, I complicate my ingredients and life with my 6 versions of PSMF bread (or whatever I make) per batch…
Last time I microwaved some of my sponge cakes though as I forgot I need 6 eggs when I whip things perfectly (I had no hand+stand mixer for ages and my other tool was loosier at the task. and way slower. and still loud like hell. but I was searching for the right mixer forever until I got a great one for Christmas) and used 8 so I had leftover dough. And I mixed fiber and the inactive yeast into it, tossed into the microwave and I got a super good structure!!! Firm with huge bubbles! It has yeast flavor but it should be good with cheese…

Yay for your bread! I try to create my perfect and if possible, carnivore sponge cake bread myself in the near future! I keep reading these recipes, they often give me some new ideas to try…

And sorry for my loose self control when I see a new post but it’s my only remaining important mission. I can’t experiment so much on canivore(-ish) and I would miss it if I totally stopped. And bread in a very wide sense is useful for me sometimes and texture matters a lot. Taste is never a problem, eggs are perfect there.

(David Cooke) #15

So, was it so bad that you don’t tell us how it went?

(Rebecca ) #16

No! I actually forgot to make it! Truth be told, I wasn’t even hungry until dinnertime. It still amazes me that I forget to eat a meal🤯 When I make them I will certainly give feedback!