800 km Thai Charity Ride

(Dave Anderson) #1

In Jan 2018, I completed an 800 km charity bike ride over 8 days, heading south from Bangkok with 20 or so other riders, all of whom fundraised a minimum of $10,000 though out 2017 for the charity which supports underprivileged children.

It was a great experience and I immediately signed up for Jan 2019’s ride, this time doing the Northern ride heading down towards Bangkok.

I changed to a Keto lifestyle 5 months ago for long term health benefits, and have loved the weight loss which I experienced as a bonus and so have now been riding on fat for the past few months.

Really looking forward to completing the ride in January without needing to change my lifestyle, as I will be fueled by fat this time around.

Any hints, tips or support would always be welcome.

All going well, 2020 will see me do the double, 1600 km over 16 days so long as I can raise the $20,000 amount of donations.

One of the many temples we passed.

Final day, at the top of a hill climb. Well worth the climb as the scenery was magnificent.

(ianrobo) #2

Simple tip whilst out there ! Don’t worry about what to eat … just eat what you would like to eat if well fat adapted a few carbs will make little impact

(Dave Anderson) #3

Thank you

(Dave Anderson) #4

4 days of the 8 completed and a well deserved rest day today.
Have been staying keto and having my normal less than 10gm of carbs per day
Normally IF 16:8 or OMAD so have been mixing it up over here.
Longest day so far has been 125km which I did fasted and only had dinner that night.
Yesterday’s 110km was fueled with 4 egg omelet and then fasted till dinner at the end.
Feeling fantastic and with the rest of the group taking in fruits, cake and other carbs at every break I’m powering through the day with constant keto power and muscle recovery is better to.
370 km done 430 to go.

(Andrew) #5

Hi Dave

I did that trip last year and have booked again for March (it was run by two Swiss guys)

You should have been cycling on your rest day though! I did and ended at 855km.

(Dave Anderson) #6

Andrew whole group had rest day.
Ended up with 845km over the 8 days.
This is for an Australian based charity started after the 2004 Thai tsunami and supports 7 Thai orphanages.
The support crew are Tour De Asia who are fantastic
We finished at BaanHome Hug in Yasathon. This is a home for children living with HIV. While it would be easy to think otherwise it is a place of happiness and joy. Prior to Hands Across the Water’s involvement children were dying regularly. Now they don’t. It’s that simple and it is because of supporters money that allows the differences to occur.