75 mi bike ride

(Charles Simons) #1

I rode 2 50 mi bike rides last week and struggled the second 25 mi both day’s.
Completed 75 mi this week on water only.

  • A/S 15 mph
  • 5.2 quarts of water
  • Urine Total out put = 8 oz
  • 5 hr ride time
  • Solo ride [no pace line]
  • Weight 165 lb at the - Finish at 165.
    *RHR 62 Average HR 140 for ride
  • BG at start 113 Keyto= 4.o
  • BG at Finsh 55 Keyto=Trace
  • No cramps all day.
  • saddle sore at end of ride
  • Age: 70

(Doug) #2

Right on, Charles! Interesting information as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Troy) #3

Thanks for sharing
Awesome ride. Dang😄

Oh…More impressive, if you completed the ride in that fine looking suit🤣


Back in my late 30s (late 1980s) I got into competitive amateur cycling. Aside from numerous 25-30 mile races, I did a pair of 50s, a 75 and 1 Century. Few people appreciate the effort, energy and diligence to complete these long distance rides.

My hats off to you at 70 years old. I’m 68 and sold my bikes off a few years ago when I got too big to ride. Now, 50 pounds lighter, I wish I had them back. Wife would have a fit if I bought yet another one. (I have expensive tastes in bikes.)

(Alex ) #5

date says 2016 on the photo though?! confused…

(Bob ) #6

I’m a few years younger than you - I’ll be 65 in three months. My wife and I were avid riders from the late 80s until about 2012. We put the bikes in a corner of the garage rather than sell them.

Around the start of August, they started calling me and I’ve started riding again. First indoors on a trainer, then moving outdoors. Most days it’s too hot for me still (that’s another thing you develop tolerance for while training), but it has to cool off at some time.

So, I hate to be a bad influence, but I’d say to get a good bike and get back to it.

(Charles Simons) #7

Always good to be on the bike. Did 50 today but drank too much water and had to call of doing the 100 I planed. Listen to your body and bring some pink salt on those long rides.

(Charles Simons) #8

Just looked and can’t find one of me on the bike. Thanks for the suggestion.:sunglasses:

(Charles Simons) #9

Nice of you to respond. I started in early 80 and raced as a cat 4 till 2006 then got off the bike for 5 years. I rode with a 20 something bike mechanic who was on a Marinoni

(Charles Simons) #10

thanks, just trying to get an idea of when I can eat carbs. I don’t want to drop too much weight.:blush:

(Alex ) #11

I was confused, I thought I was looking at a photo of you fresh off the bike :wink:

(ianrobo) #12

brilliant and when I am 70-75 I want to be exactly like you !!!