72 hours between weight-training?

(Joey) #21

@Goldengirl52 If getting to the gym becomes a barrier of sorts (especially during winter or otherwise busy days), consider adding an “at-home” routine of some kind, too.

Body-weight exercise requires no special equipment at all. And you can do it without worrying about getting dressed/groomed for the public :wink:

To add some kind of at-home body-weight exercise, you will introduce a way to stay fit and make progress even if there are times when the inevitable hassles of “getting to the gym” become an excuse to start missing your regular workouts. Food for thought.

(Denise) #22

It hasn’t been a problem where I live Joey, so far. I am less than a mile from the gym (walk, bike, or drive) and our weather is really moderate year round. Although, I never know so I’m familiar with the body-weight workouts, and do like my stretch-bands and Swiss Ball. In a pinch I can use these as I plan to keep them :slight_smile: I’m a fan of Mark Lauen and his book on You Are Your Own Gym, I think that is so true. I think I love the gym mainly for the variety of weights, but also, the social aspect. I get to be around others my age, younger and older :grin:


Denise, No problem having 72 hours between. Remember, Lift heavy, low reps 5x5 for Strength. 3x10 for muscle, strength and some endurance. Increase your weights a little when you can complete all sets and reps. Mix up your workouts. Don’t always use the same machines. Free weights are the way to go, once you gain some strength and experience. Free weights engage more muscles.

(Denise) #24

I appreciate your input @ffskier. I heard the “lift heavy” with less reps to gain muscle, not just tone, and that’s sort of what I think I need for strength. I’m wanting strength yes, but being a bit vain, I also don’t want to look like a stick since I lost a lot of weight for my frame :wink:

Strength is my main goal though as I don’t want to become dependent on others as I see so many having to be. I want to be able to do for myself as late into my life as possible :slight_smile: I also have a hope that my friends/family might be encouraged to try our Keto, as well as getting physically active and not becoming couch-potato on a plethora of medications, one for this, and one to fix side-effects ending up with a shoe-box full of drugs for people to find when you croak :open_mouth: