7 kilos weight loss with carnivore

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Not sure if I was to revisit another thread but thought it may be of interest to someone or other.
/I was put on a carnivore diet early this year due to IBD and a few other health issues….including long term type 2 diabetes, Crrohns disease and coeliac disease.
Have been on a keto diet for years but only drop weight with fasting on keto.
However, I thought I would report that I dropped 7 kilos (or 1 stone) with no effort other than removing everything that isn’t fish fowl or meat.
And I stopped all diabetes meds too and blood tests this week show I am in a healthy HbA1c range.
Also, inflammatory levels are still high but have dropped a few points.

If anyone has issues that don’t sort with keto, carnivore is helpful in my experience and it isn’t scary once you get into it!

Difficult to explain to ‘normies’’ but very helpful!!!


Super congrats!!! So happy you are doing so well!

Funny reading it can be scary, lol. I went all in and loved it super fast cause of course I AM a Meat Hound to the ultimate :wink: :100:

Carnivore Baby!!! Rock On!!!


Well, only meat would be scary to me but animal products only, that was merely surreal :smiley: It lost that eventually but it was VERY odd after vegetarian low-carb/keto! And I kept the bigger half of my diet (eggs and dairy)! No idea how people do vegan -> carnivore or even HCLF->LCHF…

And indeed, sometimes carnivore helps where mere keto can’t :slight_smile: It did best to my tiny food addictions, they immediately went away without problems (as long as I could stuck to carnivore or close).

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Thanks Fangs. I am an ex-vegetarian diet eater, I guess that is why I described it as scary. Very ex at this stage! I was forced to adopt a carnivore diet, (to address some major health issues) by the advice of an astute medico whom I trust.

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Fantastic news. What a result! You’ll need a name change lol

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As a former vegetarian, you may have an oxalate build-up to deal with. If you start feeling pain or odd symptoms, search for “Sally K. Norton” on the forums for links to a couple of her videos, and look for her Web site, because it has a lot of information on oxalates, what they can do, and how to cope when the body starts to get rid of oxalates (oxalate dumping). You want your body to dump the stored oxalates, but you also want it to happen slowly enough not to do damage or cause too much pain.

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I keep hearing that it isn’t good for the liver but I’m this close to joining you in the carnivore journey

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I would love to know who “put” you on a carnivore diet. Surely you don’t have a doctor that actually understands proper human nutrition???

Now, rather amazingly, this is what happens… and all you did was remove the bloody plants. Listen up, people!

This. I used to think carnivores were just weirdos, I mean, it’s just so extreme! And then I tried it. And all my health issues (albeit minor) just went away. And I felt great. And I lost weight. And I ran faster.

Now, who’s weird? Those who eat plants or those that don’t?


That isn’t enough as carnivore is obviously not for everyone…
(And not everyone loses fat, or quickly. Calories still matter, at least for us normal people. I’ve read keto is so good for fat-loss, IF is so great, I definitely tried them together, of course nothing. I never did more than 2 weeks proper carnivore and I doubt I could do it in the next years so I can’t tell what would happen there but being very, very close? I still stay fat as I eat too much. I am working on it though, many extra rules are needed.)

Probably most of us had that phase :smiley: (It was a shortish phase for me as I hadn’t even an idea about it being a thing for decades) But I still think the reddit carnivores I read from were weirdos… I never thought the same about the ones on this forum. So it matters what kind of carnivores one meets first.

Both can be perfectly normal :slight_smile: But carnivores will be weird for a very long time as they are such a minority and wrong beliefs are against them too. But being uncommon is good enough for the average person to judge and consider it weird.

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Thanks Paul. Will look up Sally K Norton, appreciate the suggestion.


Since it hit ya that way, forced thru needing healing, I truly hope it suits you very well long term and you get the body repair and more you need…tons of great benefits from our lifestyle! Hold strong and hope your zc future is a bright one!!

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Thanks Alec.
The doctor who recommended a carnivore diet for me was Paul Mason.

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Just wow! You are so lucky to have him as your doctor! Keto superstar!

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Alec, He’s great and very knowledgeable but I can’t see him often enough, it’s near impossible to get an appointment.
Next time I see him is August, which isn’t optimum!

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I’ve just been watch him online. Inspirational. He’ll be in great demand for sure

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Thanks Paul. I have both pain and today cold symptoms, so I think you were very kind to point me to this info.

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Glad to help. Do you think oxalate dumping is your problem? I just presented it as one possibility.