#62: Ask Dr Boz Part I


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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Annette, returns for a special two-part 'Ask Dr Boz' special where she answers questions sent in by the listeners.

Based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Annette Bosworth, MD is an Internal Medicine physician with over 19 years of experience helping patients overcome long-term, chronic conditions through lifestyle adjustment, preventive medicine, and other therapeutic paths. She's been mentioned in media outlets ranging from CNN, Time, US News & World Report, to Fox News.

In addition to medicine, she loves speaking at town halls, jails, churches and universities. From politics to mission work, she lets her faith lead her to the next chapter of life-always looking for teachable moments. Along with her husband, she savors the adventure of raising three energetic, fast-growing sons through debate, wrestling, music, and theater. She fights for the underdog and encourages patients with chronic health problems to "Fight it ANYWAY YOU CAN. Ketones for Life.”

Glucose/Ketone Ratio

Annette talks a lot about the glucose/ketone ratio (or GKI). Here are a couple of tables to make it easier to see which range you are in. If your BG readings are in mmol/L just divide BG by BK and you will get a single digit number as in the GKI column in the table below - just forgot the ratio bit! So just read the digit on the left - 4, 2, 1, etc.

As an example, my current figures are falling between 1 and 2. The last measurements I took were BG 4.1 and BK 2.6. That results in 1.58 or 28.4 (x 18) in the US ratio equivalent.

The zones are general. Your results may vary. Mine do! If I want to lose weight, I need to drop below 2 (40 on US scale). My headaches are better (less frequent) at this level too.

Salt Intake - Thumb Press Test

I asked Dr Boz for a bit more clarification on the thumb press test:

When you push on your shin bone you will need to press for 30 seconds.

Push hard enough to blanch the skin under your thumb finger nail. You will see it change color because you are pushing hard enough on your thumb to stop the blood flow to the tip of your thumb for those 30 seconds.

When you lift your thumb there should not be an indentation. Fat does not leave an indentation. Only fluid leaves an indentation.

The blood glucose/ketone meter Annette recommended is this one:

You can find Annette's book Anyway You Can on Amazon:


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End Quote

2 weeks of water fasting. First week was in Ketosis, day 8 slipped out? No idea why?
5-7 day water fast, ketones haven't gone past 3,8 nmol/L, GKI fluctuating around 1-1.4