5 days in, and my ketones are staying high

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Hey guys. I just started my keto journey 5 days ago. Im using the fit men cook app for my meals. I go to the gym 5 days a week. less than 20 net carbs/day. I did not test for keytones for the first 2 days, but for the last 2 days they have been varying between 8.0 and 16(according to the chart on the bottle). I feel great. I few mild headaches here and there, but I was a very heavy soda drinker, and i quit cold turkey. any ideas on why my levels are so high?


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Blood test or urine?

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Because while producing ketones your body isn’t efficient with using them. So high levels spilling out with urine. Ease up on heavy exercise for a while if weight loss is your goal. And keep up salt consumption to 2-3 teaspoons a day to combat the headaches and keto flu symptoms. You’re doing fine.



…and throw out the pee strips. :slight_smile:

(They cause more confusion than they’re worth)


Strips are only good for confirming ketosis. Atm ur just pissing the ketones off as ur body doesnt know how to use them properly yet.

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Thanks for all the info guys. I’m not really doing heavy lifting, just trying to go 5 days a week. The headaches are not bad, just small annoyances. So far I think everything is going great

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Up your salt intake, the headache is likely electrolytes flushing out.