5 Be Kind To Yourself Tips


(1) Wear a colour you love! My favourite colour is pink, but I just love this combination of softer pinks and bold pinks together. What is your favourite colour?

(2) See something pretty. My favourite sign of spring is the cherry blossom tree, everytime I see it it lifts my spirit. It is a tree I associate with positivity and hope.


Go for a walk. Nature heals in every step and every breath. There is something so incredibly nurturing in being surrounded by green spaces, so if you have them, utilise them!

(4) Give your body the food it deserves, and don’t go hungry. My 2 favourite meals are:

You might have guessed from these photos I’m not a chef, but I just love the simplicity of these foods and how deeply nourishing they are.

(5) Don’t fall into a purity spiral. It’s not about eating grassfed, free range or organic food only. We can only do our best, and the important thing is how our bodies feel on our individual WOEs, that we continue to feel our very best.

What are your 5 be kind to yourself tips?

  1. Black. But I like crimson too. And sometimes green, I have a dress between grass green and olive, long, sleeveless and embroidered, I wear it in summer sometimes and it’s kind of a treat :wink: I never wear a dress, only since I have this one.
    (The color I hated with a passion all my life is pink but the pale ones are the absolute worst. Some brave hot pink I can tolerate. Not on me, of course.
    And I can tolerate pink on the sky, in edible things and whatnot. But I prefer any other color if it’s a flower. A pink flower still can be beautiful - but almost any other color would be better. I really love black flowers.)
    I like warm yellows, golden, brown, reddish brown too.

  2. I couldn’t even avoid it. I love pretty things and I have a fruit and decorative garden :wink:

  3. Very nearly every day. Without my walks, I am an enervated zombie. And it is strongly connected with the previous point :wink:

I always ate good food, all my life. It was my priority, to eat food that I enjoy, whatever my body wants (and sometimes my mind). I never ever listened to anyone talking BS about nutrition. Or talking anything, actually. Never ate vegs for nutrition, I ate them for joy. The same with fruits and everything else. Always ate very high-fat. I ate tasty stuff for sure. And always got lots of nutrients from my food. Vegetarian or carnivore, somewhat different but there is a huge common ground (if I do it). The food is super tasty, nutritious, fatty and I enjoy the hell out of it.

I LOVE music, need it, can’t imagine life without it so I listen to it a lot. I used to sing and play the piano (later keyboard), I neglect it lately, that’s not good…

I am a hedonist so I always seek out my own joy. Only health and certain moral principles are above that but they are rarely in conflict.
It doesn’t mean I can’t be super critical with myself but that’s important too.


Hi Shinita, your dress sounds lovely. I love dresses too much, and when I see one in a lovely colour or pattern it’s irresistible to me, but I’ve decided I’ve got enough. I don’t have room for anymore and besides, I’d rather spend the money on good quality food. Though I still treat myself to a new dress once or twice a year (birthday/christmas).

I love singing and playing the piano too, so we have that in common. I used to be in a band, but now I’m happy just singing lullabies for my children. And we got rid of the piano as there was no room for it. But you never forget playing the piano, or being musical, when it’s an intrinsic part of you.

You know, when I was growing up I hated the colour pink with a passion, and I would wear black instead. Now I love all manner of colour and hue, but reserve a special place in my heart for pink. It’s funny how we change throughout our lives.

Food. It gives me great joy to walk to our near farm and buy their raw milk, pasture eggs and raw honey. Also my body gives me a big thumbs up when it gets a big plate of beef (generously sprinkled with salt).