4 month Stall, feeling very down


Ive been doing keto since March of this year starting at 220 lbs (female, 30). Withing the first two weeks I was down 7lbs and over the course of the spring and summer i went down to 200lb. But since the summer my weight hasnt budged. Its been extremely frustrating. I tracked everything very well, planned out my meals, ate my fat, and exercised.

One thing I have read on here is using fasting as a way to get out of a stall so I did. I started with 17hr fasts then up to 24 hour fasts. I do them a couple times a week and finding it easier and easier to fast…still no weight budge.

Then I decided to start exercising while on a 24 hour fast and ive found that I enjoy it MUCH more than when Im not fasting. Ill run for 30, 40, or even 50 minutes at a time plus add some weight training in. But again…weight still hasnt budged.

My blood sugar is usually in the 90s consistently even while fasting so Im not sure what to think or how to approach it. Im feeling very frustrated and down and am debating if keto long term is the right thing for me.


I dont drink coffee, my body doesnt handle caffeine well. I get sweaty, shaky, and in generally makes me feel ill.


I am aware, is this part of a suggestion for my stall or?

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@MissSimon can you give us more info about what you’re actually eating and your macros please? Also, weight loss tends to be a side effect of improved metabolic health so are you noticing any other changes? The number on the scale really isn’t a good measure of progress.

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As the OP has already stated this is not an option for her, I don’t see how you think this could be helpful? I’m wondering if you’re actually trying to sell something based on how many posts on this topic you’re suddenly making…

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One idea to break a stall like this is to look at your stress level in general and specifically around exercise and sleep.

Lots of long runs and strength training can boost your cortisol levels (i.e. mess up your hormones) which is exactly the opposite of what you are trying to do with keto (i.e. correct your hormones). Of course, low amounts of sleep or low quality sleep won’t help - neither will work problems, relationship problems etc.

You don’t specifically mention these - I am just suggesting them as places to look because it seems that what you have been doing (keeping on keto carefully and starting IF) should have worked already to break a stall.

So, my suggestion would be to try 2 weeks of strict keto (maybe keep just skipping breakfast) with only light walking - during those walks think about all the ways you can lower stress levels and (if not already) get 8 hours of sleep - walk mindfully at a regular (3 MPH) pace - no sweat or hard breathing.

Keep in mind always you are trying to affect hormones - not burn calories. See where the scale goes.

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I would stick with it - keto gives you a solid platform to make changes and see results.

Calories too high - change and see.
Stress and sleep problems - change and see.
Over exercising - change and see.
Satiety signals mixed up - change and see.

With keto you can keep making changes, evolving and learning - and very likely succeed with some perseverance. It is generally difficult to gain weight on keto so any gains you make with IF / EF / exercise have a better chance of sticking.

With just about every other diet you are essentially restricting calories in some way.
You go down and then plateau.
You restrict more until you cannot any more.
Then, your metabolism is low and you are in a deep hole that is difficult to get out of.

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She is selling something - she got flagged on another post.

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And this one…

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There is a third post too. She’s all over the place in the last three hours since joining.


Have you heard of keto coffee? It’s new and improved, jitter free lol

  • A always skip breakfast and have lunch anytime between 12-1pm
  • I typically eat something with chicken, cheese, and veggies. Occasionally a salad with a vinegrette, feta cheese, pecans, and berries.
  • My calries are restricted to around 1650/day (as calculated on various sites for my weight etc)
  • I drink liquids with MIO flavoring in it for sweetness daily (I also use it to sweeten my ketoaid).
  • I frequently snack on cheese sticks and mixed nuts
  • I havent made fat bombs in a long time
  • I eat all my calories during the day between Noon - 9pm or so.
  • I do 24 hour fasts once or twice a week
  • I work out about 4 times a week, mostly running but I also do weight training
  • I trained for a triathlon over the summer so I no longer work out as much as that
  • Ive started to do workouts while in a deeper fast
  • I usually take blood readings right before bed which is around 2-3 hours after eating and Im always in the mid 90s or so, sometimes higher. I need to work on readings during the day to see where my blood sugars are at.

From what I understand cortisol can increase your blood sugars which could create a stall?

Here is a link to recipes I have made in the past to give you an idea of what i have been eating.

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Ease up on calorie restriction, just keep carbs below 20g a day and trust your body to tell you what it needs for protein and fat - this is especially important with the level of exercise you’re doing. Your body cannot perform the way you want it to if you’re not allowing it the fuel it needs to do so.

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Some people find that removing common intolerances help with stalls. From what you commonly eat, some common intolerances that I noticed are the dairy, MIO (artificial sweeteners), and nuts. It could be worth it to eliminate some or all of those for a couple of weeks.

With your running and weight training, try increasing your protein for a couple of weeks.

I think that a blood sugar in the 90s is relatively normal…?

I see that you eat as late as 9pm; many find that finishing eating 3-4 hours before bed is best.

Thank you for your recipes link.


I noticed you are eating dairy. You may want to give it up for a bit and see if that helps… Dairy can be problematic for some people (me included).


I can try that although cutting out dairy or nuts will make me cry!!! How long should someone cut those things out for a good time frame to notice changes?

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Nuts are high in omega 6 fatty acids:


There’s a theory that omega 6 fatty acids cause your fat cells to be insulin sensitive, meaning that they suck up insulin and blood sugar…making you fatter.

Hate to say this, but chicken is also relatively high in omega 6 (as are avocados). You have chicken, avocados, nuts, you’re pretty high in omega 6.

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3-4 weeks, and then introduce one at a time. After you reintroduce it for a few days, see how you respond. Then go back to eliminating all for a few days or until you are back to how you were after the intitial 3-4 weeks, then reintroduce something else.


So is the one a 3 the one that’s good for you? I always get them mixed up

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Most people have too many omega 6. When the omega 6 to omega 3 ratio is off (too many omega 6) inflammation occurs. Most people need to make an effort to get more omega 3.