36hr fasting 4 Weight Loss


I have been doing extended water fasting recently, it is the only way I have been able to lose any weight on Keto. Previously I was doing IF 16:8 daily with no weight loss at all. I still have 65+lbs to lose to be even close to healthy weight for my height. Since beginning at end of February carbs are under 20 carbs daily no sweeteners, etc. I am wondering if any women here have had weight loss success with the shorter 36hr fasts, specifically those that IF 16:8 or other combo didn’t work for weight loss. I don’t want to continue 80-90hr fasts if 36 would be just as effective. I will be experimenting with three/36 hr fasts per week starting today (hoping it will eliminate the awful refeed symptoms of longer fasts, but keep the scale moving downward).

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When you say Water fasts, do you only do just pure water, never any coffee or tea? I was just wondering. When I have done my fasts I also drink green tea, herbal tea or coffee (with a tad of cashew/almond milk) so just was wondering.

I read somewhere that 48 hour fasts are great for us resetting as well? So I tried that the other day, then ate a meal as it was a family dinner thing, then fasted again for 24 hours. I have started doing OMAD so mostly like a 23 hour daily fast. 1 hour eating window now… and that seems to be going well so far. I haven’t weighed myself, as I get really obsessed and upset if the scale doesn’t move.,… so not going to weigh for a bit so just hoping itis working. I eat a meal… then some fat bombs as a desert before I stop eating for the 23 hours. I have not been hungry… it has only been a few days, but I am planning to up my 24 hour weekly fast to a 48 hour one Sunday night -Tuesday night… I am hoping to do this weekly from now on as well.

I took out artificial sweeteners out of my life; I felt they were stalling me… so I just made new fat bombs without any. I think the 48 hours is a good goal, I cannot find where I read it was a good timing… but I am personally going to attempt that for a weekly now with the OMAD and see how that goes.

I still have to lose basically over 120 more pounds, down 37 atm… so even more than you. Good luck to us both!


I consider a water fast, water/black coffee/herbal tea all with nothing added to it. I recently dropped the black coffee though when fasting, it was giving me reflux I think. In my distant past I would only have water, but that was before Keto when even tea seemed to trigger pretty fierce hunger pangs during fasting. I think the biggest stumbling block to my ability to lose is insulin resistance and I probably have extremely slow metabolism. Before my Keto WOE started, I was Vegan for about 6 months and consumed about 600-800 calories a day max. I was barely able to lose anything doing that and had tummy issues constantly (mostly due to food allergies that began coming out of the woodwork). I just want to make sure I am fasting the most effective way, I don’t want to drive my metabolism down any further, but really need to get more weight off my joints :slightly_smiling_face:

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I can totally relate to that… I can hardly wait for my knees and back to stop hurting all the time… I have so much to lose, but I know we are doing it the right way now, so it will happen =). Good luck to you, I wish you only success!

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I do this when trying to get things moving and have had success with it. Used to do it frequently but as I get so close to goal weight (110) they’ve become much harder to complete. But they def helped to drop the weight no question. Used to be so easy when I was fatter.

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I haven’t tried a fast myself yet (down to TMAD and heading towards OMAD) although I plan to soon, so i have been doing some reading.

I definitely remember reading and hearing on the 2KetoDudes podcast that up to 72 hours is the optimum fasting time, and beyond that it slows down your metabolism. So maybe you should try up to 72 hours instead?

The fasting episode may be of use to you: http://2ketodudes.com/show.aspx?episode=5
I think this advice may have come from Jason Fung, but don’t quote me on that.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing this, I too remember hearing something about 72 hrs being great before, but I couldn’t find anything other than a couple old studies under the podcast links, that claimed metabolism slows slightly outside of 60-72hr fast and beyond after an initial uptick before 60 hrs. I have the book the Obesity Code by Dr. Fung and glanced again at his fasting section, didn’t see anything other than one of his myth busting topics that stated metabolism does NOT slow when water fasting - only during caloric restriction. When the calories drop to zero, the body simply changes fuel sources which prevents the slowdown from occurring. Hope this is correct, my metabolism is already turtle-up-hill-in-molasses slow lol.

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:joy: Me too I think!