3 ingredient breakfast (or whatever)

(Suzi Jenkins) #1

Bacon cooked in the oven. (On aluminium foil - grease into compostable, foil into recycling).

Gorgonzola and mascarpone cheese spread onto the bacon.

Slice of a fresh summer tomato onto the gorgonzola and mascarpone.

One basil leaf onto the tomato.

Wrap the bacon around everything.

Eat. One mouthful. Amazing.

(Bacon enough and time) #2

There! FIFY!

(Full Metal KETO AF) #3

Or in a shot glass to down with the bacon wrapped Caprese Salad!

(Bacon enough and time) #4

I regret that I have but one like to give for your post! :heart:

(Suzi Jenkins) #5

Tis true! I can’t keep up with the volume that I produce however! I have a couple of jars in the fridge already. It is also true however, that living in Italy I use a lot of olive oil to cook, and I could probably switch to bacon fat for quite a lot of that cooking. Good tip.

(traci simpson) #6

steamed and mashed cauliflower with cream cheese mixed in with either ground beef or sausage. Bake for about 30 min on 325. Voila’