#26 Jason Fung


#26 Jason Fung.pdf (225.1 KB)


This podcast won’t work on iTunes.


Er… is that a joke? This is a transcribed podcast.

(Richard Morris) #4

I just tried the podcast on itunes and #26 worked for me

(carl) #5

That was my fault. I fixed a glitch and it’s working now. Sorry


Umm. That doesn’t seem overly helpful. And a little snarky.


It is working now. It was “unavailable” for several days. Not sure what happened. I just skipped it and kept on motoring through your other podcasts, but wanted to go back.


Fair enough. I was confused seeing as you were in the transcribed podcasts area.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #9

Transcribed podcasts! Stellar!

(carl) #10

Not at all. We moved our files from one cloud provider to another, and there was a glitch with that one file. I fixed it as soon as I could. That’s all.


That was directed at me for being sarcastic @carl, not you. I thought it was a weird comment in the transcribed category. Lady who posted obviously hadn’t realised it was the transcribed area. My bad.


That reply was to a different individual in the forums.

(carl) #13

Oh. Nevermind.


Yeah me! I have amended the pinned About Category post just to make it clear. Sorry for the confusion.


No one was confused but you.


You posted in the category about transcripts saying you couldn’t play it on iTunes. That is confusing. Had you posted it in the category about the Podcasts, that would not have been confusing.


Your comment was phrased rudely. If you were trying to be helpful and I misunderstood your intentions, I imagine you would have just apologized and tried to clarify. You’re an admin, mocking doesn’t inspire community. Just quit talking to me.


All in the tone I guess. I would have laughed at my original comment and slapped my head and said - doh!

We are all different. I am sorry you took my comment as being snarky. It wasn’t intended that way.