#231: Debra Scott - Reversing Type 2 Diabetes


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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Debra, is back for the second part of her chat with Daisy where she talks about how she reversed her type 2 diabetes and has gone on to share her experience and advice with others to help them do the same.

From Debra:

I'm an ordinary mum and granny with a passion to change the nutritional guidelines for type 2 diabetics. Why? Because following my own diagnosis I realised they were totally wrong. So wrong that following them would make the diabetes progressive. When I was diagnosed in December 2017 and prescribed metformin and statins, I declined and asked for 2 months to see if I could put it into reverse with diet. I didn’t know what that would involve but had heard it was possible.  

A quick Google 'reversing diabetes’ confirmed this wouldn't be a problem. Every avenue took me to a low-carb/keto way of eating. Carbs turn to sugar so it made perfect sense.  Within weeks my diabetes was in reverse and my symptoms had disappeared. Within 2 months my blood sugars had normalised. I lost over 50 lbs in weight in just 7 months - the fat simply melted away - and I have maintained that loss for the first time ever. 

I'm now on a mission to help others avoid getting in the type 2 boat, or give them the help they need to get out. Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease and needs a lifestyle change to combat it. Despite what it is labelled, it doesn't need to be progressive. Whether diagnosed last week or last century it can be put into reverse. There IS hope.

Debra’s husband (non diabetic) went keto in the hope of bringing down his BP. It worked, as you can see. He also lost 21 lbs (and has been maintaining for over 2 years).


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Debra's Top Tip

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(Bob M) #2

I liked this one. I like how this podcast gets “real people” on it, and tells their stories. Most of what I listen to is “experts” talking about whatever their expertise is, and sometimes that includes their story too. But a lot of your podcasts are about real people and what happened to them.

As someone in the US, I also like to try to decipher what you’re saying at times.