#228: Bitesize Nutrition with Megan Pfeffer - Optimising Bone Health


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We are back for another Bitesize Nutrition episode. This time, Megan Pfeffer joins Daisy to talk about bone health. You might be surprised by a few of the things Megan has to share and I’m pretty sure you will be thinking more about your bones and getting them as healthy as possible from now on.

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Megan Pfeffer is an Australian based Clinical Nutritionist with a health science degree in nutritional & dietetic medicine. Megan is the founder of I Choose Health, an international online nutrition consulting practice. Specialising in food intolerances and therapeutic carbohydrate reduction and keto nutrition for lipedema, lymphedema, type 2 diabetes and obesity, Megan helps women to take back control of their health.

I Choose Health offers nutrition education, public speaking, nutrition consultations, 2 hour workshops and 8 week keto courses with live, interactive weekly sessions and guest speakers. Megan shares her experience and expertise while providing support and motivation for achievable, long-term dietary and lifestyle changes.

Megan follows a ketogenic diet to manage her own health, including weight loss of nearly 20 kg’s (44 pounds). Megan discovered she has lipedema in early 2019 and breast cancer in 2020, and credits fasting and keto for helping her manage and overcome these conditions.

Megan has presented at numerous international conferences in New York, Boston and Italy, and is the lead author of the 2019 cookbook for lipedema ‘From Our Coaches’ Kitchens: Ketolicious for Lipedema Holiday Cookbook’. She co-authored 2019 research paper titled ‘Ketogenic diet as a potential intervention for lipedema’ published in the peer reviewed medical journal ‘Medical Hypotheses’.

Megan is passionate about helping people to understand the benefits of adopting a keto way of life. With a focus on improving health minus the blame & shame approach experienced by many overweight women, and using an evidence based and wholistic approach, Megan’s health motto is to “Eat Food That Loves You Back!”.


Email: megan@ichoosehealth.com.au 

Website: www.ichoosehealth.com.au 

8 week online course Keto for Lipoedema & Lymphoedema  starting early May 2022

Keto for lipedema research paper link: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/346677939_Ketogenic_diet_as_a_potential_intervention_for_lipedema

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He lists many research papers on link between low salt and low protein and compromised bone health in the show notes.


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Research Papers:

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