#217: Dan Greef - Two Podcasters, One Chat!


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Daisy's latest extraordinary man, Dan Greef, is back for a catch-up and a UK, Keto Crossover with his podcast - UK Low Carb.

Owner of Deliciously Guilt Free a keto bakery in the UK, Dan wanted to have the same sweet treats but without the massive sugar and insulin spikes and so makes brownies, blondies, cakes and cookies that are less than a few grams of carbs each. Look out for CHOCOLATE in the New Year. Yes CHOCOLATE!!!

Deliciously Guilt Free was named as having the tastiest, healthy mince pie in the national press.

Dan also has an interest in politics, standing for Parliament three times, and has a goal to help build up the low cab community as a grassroots movement for change. 

Dan was listed by Yahoo Finance as one of their “Top Ten Foodpreneurs

Read more about Dan’s story here.

Check out Dan’s podcast - UK Low Carb

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Keto brownies and blondies a plenty from:

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