#210: Daisy Rambles - Tackling Holiday Food Choices


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This week it’s just Daisy having a ramble about the choices we make during the holiday season and how to manage them more productively. 


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Daisy's Top Tip

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(Marianne) #2

What helps me at holidays is I go into them knowing that I am not going to take even one bite of something that is not on plan. Didn’t congregate last year because of Covid, but two years ago, I hosted and made turkey, cole slaw and some steamed brussels sprouts in butter. My family members brought the traditional sides they wanted (stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams that are basically all butter and sugar, desserts, etc.). They commented on my plate, but I didn’t care. I enjoyed my meal and was satisfied. I have found with my food addiction that I have complete and comfortable control, as long as I don’t take that first bite. I just won’t go there. For appetizers, I prepared an assortment of things or people brought them, and I only ate some cheese and pepperoni. I don’t fear the holidays anymore. It’s not a problem.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #3

It sounds extreme to non-addicts, but it’s actually easier than trying to eat that stuff in moderation, I find.

(Marianne) #4

It’s true; if you don’t understand that statement, you’re not a food addict.