21 day water fast to heal Crohn’s disease and bulimia

(Monica Dritschel) #21

Day 1 flew by, its so much easier to fast when your not working! Half way through day 2, low energy and a bit spacey but otherwise good and not too intensely hungry which is positive!


She’s fantastic!

(New Keto Friend) #23

I feel your pain. I have CD too (and rheuma and asthma) I did a 48 hour fast this week. I try to extend the fasts the next few months so I can do a longer fast to heal my CD and rheuma too.


I have Crohn’s.
It’s no joke, don’t try to do this yourself.
Fasting might help but it’s speculation.
My gastro doc has actually suggested an “elemental diet” if I have another flare. There are studies to support it being effective.
But I wouldn’t do anything without his care and monitoring. It’s a serious disease and things can go very bad.