#207: Bouncing Back with Suzie Edge


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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Suzie Edge, is back for another new format episode to chat about ways to get back on track after things go horribly wrong! 

We’ve all been there - well most of us have - and clawing your way back can be a real struggle. So in these episodes Daisy is going to chat with some people who can offer a helping hand by sharing tips and strategies that helped them get their keto mojo back. 

This is the first of a two-part episode.

A big thanks to Becky for coming up with “Bouncing Back” as this new format’s name.

Suzie Edge trained as a molecular cell biologist before moving to clinical medicine, to spend more time talking to people, rather than just bugs in test tubes. She went on to work as a junior doctor in a variety of medical specialties including infectious diseases, haematology, and trauma and orthopaedic surgery. She recently completed an MLitt in Modern History to feed her fascination for the history of the human body and the history of medicine. 

Always on the lookout for gory historical details, Suzie loves telling stories of how we have treated our human bodies in life and in death. 

Suzie has a senior brown belt and is a trainee instructor in the martial art of Sooyang Do. She lives in a wee cottage in the Highlands of Scotland with her husband, their two teenage daughters and their dog, Scout.

Suzie left clinical medicine in 2019, having become disillusioned with the medical world and now, after securing a book deal,  she is writing about medical history, creating online content about the history of the human body, and feeling good about life away from hospital medicine. She found the keto diet properly in early 2018 and had a wonderful year in 2018, which changed her life but as she talked about today, nothing is quite that simple!

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