#204: Molly Gallagher - Using Keto to Treat PCOS and Lipedema


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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Molly, talks about how she stumbled into keto as a way of avoiding bariatric surgery and how it has proved to hold the answers to many of her health challenges. Find out too what it felt like to eat meat for the first time after being raised on a plant-based diet.

Molly Gallagher is a learning and development professional and crochet hobbyist who lives in Durham, NC, USA.

Molly has been following the ketogenic way of eating since October 2014, when she had her first appointment with Dr. Eric Westman at Duke.

Raised vegetarian, Molly needed to learn how to prepare meat dishes, but first, she had to learn how to chew steak. While adapting to a protein-based diet was a challenge for her at first, her body responded so well to the ketogenic diet that she knew that she was finally eating optimally for her body and health. As she discovered, eating fruits, starchy veggies, and "healthy carbs" all fed the inflammation in her body.

By following the ketogenic diet, Molly has reversed her PCOS symptoms and pre-diabetes diagnosis, reduced her anxiety, increased her energy, and has prevented her lipedema from progressing. Molly also has a new feeling that she gets after eating her meals: satiety.

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