#203: Janine Davenport (Part 2) - Battling Sugar Addiction


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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Janine, is back for the second part of her chat about life as a dog trainer, but in this episode she talks more about her own battles with sugar addiction. Dogs are never far from her mind though and she explains how the red dog/blue dog model helped in her recovery.

Listen to the first part of Janine's episode here:

#202: Janine Davenport - Dog Advocate

Janine - Dog Advocate, Podenco nerd  Spanish hunting dog breed behaviour specialist, lover of all animals, supporter of International Animal rights.


Sugarbomb In Your Brain - Facebook group

David Wolfe’s weekly (free) Zoom meeting support group is listed in the above Facebook group.

The book mentioned is The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson and is available in multiple forms, including an audio book.

Five Circles Dog Rescue

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Janine's Top Tip

End Quote

Me and one of my loves - Bets. Camping was very tiring - taking a nap while being carried helps!