2023 Keto 'Kuisine' Kick-off! Juicy January


Excuse the rather haphazard photo… Couldn’t wait to start shoveling this into my face. I’m absolutely ravenous today; I think it’s hormones as I’m also 200% more clumsy than usual… which is actually borderline catastrophic given my default level xD

Left over roast chicken and brussels, fried up in the reserved chicken schmaltz with some smoked bacon and pine nuts. Few dollops of avo mayo : )

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I ate my food again without snapping any pics -_-

Please imagine a frittata made with slow cooked venison, spinach, brussels, garlic, and goat cheese. Served with some pork tenderloin for extra meaty goodness xD


I do that too lately… But I had nothing special, just my fried chicken liver, pork chuck roast (well that is special to me as it’s a big fav of mine) and my usual batch of 100% egg sponge cakes…

@ElgynsToy: Sounds good! (For one who likes the green stuff, it depends in my case, I always disliked very spinach-y foods but liked them if it was used in moderation along with the right items.)


I find just a sprinkling of green things in a frittata that’s mainly meat, cheese and eggs just helps to elevate it slightly without making it veggie heavy : )


Hi ElgynsToy, your dish looks lovely. I’d be wolfing it down for sure.
For lunch today I had smoked mackarel with steamed cabbage and broccoli.

It was nice and I enjoyed the mackarel, but for some reason I can never become as enthused about fish as I am about meat, though I try to include it in my WOE. I finally managed to whip some cream for my coffee as a dessert by using a jar and shaking the cream. Now I’m just waiting for the chicken legs in the oven.


Part of my lunch today:

I had my usual egg milk as well and I had soup with way too lean pork in it so I didn’t eat much of that. I will need some fatty flavorful sauce :slight_smile:
And 2.5 more sponge cakes happened with sour cream.

Dinner was the rest of the sponge cakes (1.5) with sour cream, half a Scotch egg and coffee with egg milk. Good day. I got better at protein minimalization, today was 136g, I can’t expect much better than this! I can go lower on very fatty days but that’s more difficult for various reasons. I really like my lean pork now but I need fat with it. It’s easier and simpler with fatty pork with a perfect fat/protein ratio. But I still have some fatty items to help me out.


I’m curious how your sponge cakes tastes Shinita, and your egg milk. I too prefer meats with a good layer of fat on them, the ratio must be right as I can’t eat lean meat on its own without then adding fat to make it more palatable. Although now that I have reinstated a few vegetables (leafy greens and cruciferous) it is more possible to eat such lean meats, but I would add butter. For the right fat/ratio I still swear though by bacon and gammon joints. We also bought a pork shoulder joint which we will have on sunday, with plenty of crackling. I tend to eat less protein if I eat more fat with my meal, and vice versa.


They probably taste very eggy :slight_smile: But the egg milk has flavoring and butter and it makes a difference. Whipping eggs make a difference, I always was big on texture and it changes my taste perception. The sponge cakes are truly eggy but I like eggs and they are just a base so there are other, often more strong flavors to focus on. It’s often just something to soak up fattiness or too strong flavors, balance out saltiness or something like that. While I can eat pork jowl (71-86% fat in weight) alone, I don’t feel very good if I do it galore alone. My sponge cakes make it better, a more balanced food.

While I still ate vegs, I needed way more fat as I needed fat for my protein and I needed lots of fat with my vegs (unless they were raw)… Vegs helped my already very lively overeating skills in multiple ways…

I still have no idea what gammon joint is…

Lucky. If I focus on one, the other raises too unless I am very careful only had much of one. I have chances then. I am experimenting with unusual fat/protein ratio, I had 46% and 81% fat in the last week. But my natural range is 60-70%, I automatically eat there. That is the ideal fattiness to me in a food too. Eggs are there, not surprisingly :wink: And my favorite cut, pork chuck as well. I couldn’t lose any fat with so much fat though (it’s a percentage but considering how much protein I need, the grams go high too) so I trained to go a bit lower. Now I love the cheapest, leanish pork. It always was lovely but I ate less of it.

I don’t have a photo today, I ate leftovers but tomorrow will be turkey day!


Hi Shinita. Leftovers for me too today and I didn’t take a photo. This sunday that was we had our lovely pork shoulder joint, I enjoyed it with a few broccoli florets. Today I enjoyed the rest of the shoulder joint cold. I also had some of my gammon joint which will last me for days, also cold. And a few gouda slices with it which was nice. Some days of the week when I am feeling lazy and wanting simplicity I still enjoy eating like a carnivore. But I also make sure I add a few vegetables on other days. I don’t sweat it so much anymore, if we’re having a sunday roast say, I’ll eat a few vegetables.
Eggs are something I tend to go off if I overdo them. Then I just don’t eat them for a few days and find myself desiring them again. My SO likes my bacon cheese omelette, and my more simple dish of fried eggs, bacon and mushrooms, a simplified keto friendly version of the traditional english breakfast, but he doesn’t want either dish every day. My SO loves variety wheras I am happy eating the same each and every day, like this week I am eating cold pork leftovers with my favourite cheese and my usual coffees with whipped cream. I just love the simplicity of it and the lack of cooking. And the indulgance. And I have stopped thinking of myself as a carnivore or ketovore and simply refer to my WOE as ketogenic.


I have this with many things, not with eggs as no way I skip a whole day! I eat eggs and pork each and every day but the other items have these phases. I get bored, I wait and then it’s lovely again.
I do have lower-pork and lower-egg days when I am not into them so much…
It’s good now. The last years were worse as I got bored of meat way too quickly and if I ate more eggs for long, I got bored of that too… And I had to add some carbs that I didn’t want but could eat unlike more eggs or meat. Finally I can avoid such bad food boredom.

In this household, my SO is who tolerates a bigger simplicity though not too much, he still needs a complex lunch, one single dish won’t do. But he repeats dishes so much I get bored of it even if I don’t even eat them :smiley:
I hope I can eat simpler eventually, it would be so convenient.

I have photos, my lunches yesterday and today (not the whole lunch but I actually ate everything on my tray. I wasn’t always like that, to put it lightly).

I ate a bit too much lately, at least for my activity and I must do this protein mimizalization bette… My fattier days are better but they are rare, not really what I prefer anyway, it’s just fun here and there. I will skip lunch from now on if possible :slight_smile: That has lots of benefits. Of course I won’t do it if I get hungry.

But I definitely eat tasty stuff and I have variety :wink:
Would like a tad more simplicity.

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Creamy chicken Parmesan. This topping usually goes over fish but I thought it would be good over chicken, too. It was.

Sauce is mayo, butter, lemon juice, Parmesan cheese and spices.

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Chorizo and eggs. 10 min dinner in one pan. We get the chorizo from our local butcher.

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Pork butt with homemade spice rub and going into the fridge overnight. Will smoke this bad boy tomorrow and have pulled pork for dinner!

edited to add:

Today: (since I can’t post more than 3 replies in a row).

Took 12 hours so we had leftover chili last night instead. Will have this tonight. It is delicious! Great bark on it

Winter ice and snow storms expected for the next few days so we may be stuck here until the weekend.

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Ground pork stir fry with sugar snap peas, bamboo shoots, and a scrambled egg mixed in. Doesn’t look pretty, but tastes pretty good!

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Janie Janie Janie…. :heart::heart::heart:

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I’ll take yummy over pretty any day.


Me too! I am a hedonist with good priorities if it comes to food. Tastiness, nutritiousness first! :slight_smile: (So good I don’t need to choose, health is first but enjoying my food is important too.) And the lack of need for elaborated processes…

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Lamb Josh Rogan (Indian cuisine) made in my Instant Pot. Was rich and yummy.

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@Janie, you want to kick us off in February? I’m closing this one.