2019 Podcast format suggestions

(Ryan P) #1

Spoiler for those who haven’t listened to the Holiday Hangout episode Congrats to @CarrieBrown for joining @Carl on the 2KetoDudes podcast. Good luck @Richard in your studies!


There was a Google Docs questionnaire which asked for suggested format changes. But, missing was an ‘open ended’ / ‘comments’ field for other suggestions.

I’ve created this thread in case others want to add their own comments/input.

Ideas (expand for details):

"Recipe" guests

We have great Keto recipe bloggers out there. Many have their own books. It would take less prep from 2Keto Hosts if recipe bloggers could be recurring ‘guest stars’ to share their recipe, and then link the recipe in the show notes. (Example, what if Carolyn Ketchum (AllDayIDreamAboutFood.com), or Maria Emmerich (MariaMindBodyHealth.com) or Craig Clarke (Ruled.me) had an opportunity to showcase a popular recipe?

A new "Show me the Science" segment

Some of us listen to your show for the Science. What if @Richard could record a series of ~10-minute monologues on what he’s learned, debunking ‘junk’ studies, or other science facts to share. Drop a segment into each show to still give Richard a platform, but with asynchronous recording (improving time zone/scheduling issues) and minimal production time (ideally pre-written so less post-editing is necessary).

Length of show can match content

I can’t speak for others, but I don’t need the podcast to always fall into the 45-90 minute length. Short shows (20 min if hosts are short on time/guests/content) would be fine, as well as long shows (120 min) for highly engaged conversations [Jason Fung, anyone?]. I pause/resume podcasts, so I will listen to the podcast until it is ‘done’, regardless of length. If it’s quality, then it’s fine if its short or long.

Any other thoughts?

(Tip: You can use the “[details=Title]Content[/details]” format for the expandable sections if you’d like to keep it skimmable.)


(Karen) #2

Thanks I’m a bit of a technotard. This is easier for me to use.

Actually the section I would love to see them remove is the very long area where they read off all the goodies that the “winners “will receive. It seems a waste of useful air time.

Additionally they removed the part where they talked about where they both had lost weight and how. I would guess that the bulk of the people that come to Keto are coming because they need to lose weight/fat.

I enjoyed hearing how the boys were Losing fat in the early episodes. I think it would be great to bring in a selected “winner” to contact every week and see how their keto journey is going. What is their weight that week? what are there NSVs that week? After they’ve lost a reasonable amount of weight (say 25 pounds), then select another “winner “ to follow on air. Just a suggestion. I looked forward every week, in the early episodes, to hearing their new weight and their new NSVs. This would add that suspense factor, with a new participant.

(Ryan P) #3

The ‘new years’ episode is the last episode they’ll be doing that (I think!)

Per the “New Year’s” episode, Carrie/Carl will work on a shortened version.

Neat idea! I could easily see it turn into “Keto and Fasting Advice”, where a guest can participate ‘on-air’ for ~15 minutes, and then a 1-minute follow-up “Mail!” in a future week. The 2-3 Keto hosts could offer up suggestions (“try electrolytes”, “ask your doctor to run a particle size test”, “try adding bacon to your salad”, “Try shortening your eating window to 8 hours a day”

(Splotchy) #4

I agree, an NSV of the week would be interesting. Ditto a ‘caution and how to handle it’ example.

Real-life examples are so useful. We’re all different and have different risks, experiences and preferences. Some people (partic diabetics) benefit from extreme low carb and fasting, however some people experience issues with medicines, social events, side effects etc. I’m a (shrinking) fatty, but my husband is lean and became emaciated dabbling with fasting in the quest for autophagy. I’ve learned things from his experience and vice versa. People adjust by trial and error and sharing these trials/errors is both interesting and helpful. So yes, an NSV or ‘shared experience’ weekly moment with a bit of natter would be a real bonus. I’m guessing there’s plenty of examples on these forums and if not, a dedicated thread would generate some!

The New Years podcast discussed that the dudes/dudette want to make Keto/LCHF about more than weight, but about overall wellbeing/health, and I think this is great. Bringing in a variety of real life examples would do this.

(Splotchy) #5

Problem with a ‘Keto fasting and advice’ segment is the risk of some sort of liability for the dudes/dudette who are not medically qualified. The present intro does highlight this and is wise. That the podcast is: ‘this is our experience, our thoughts/reasoning/chat and you can take it or leave it’ is a strength. We are all responsible for weighing up advice and deciding what we want to try.

(Karen) #6

I’m pretty sure anyone can offer an opinion. And they always qualify the responses as not medical advice


I haven’t listened to all of the podcasts, but most of them. I like it when they reference the forum and I would like to see them pick something we’re all currently weighing in on and maybe get an expert to talk about it. For example, the endless CICO argument that I’ve muted.

Or for a while people were asking if their mental health would improve on Keto and I happened to listen to Carrie B on another keto podcast tell her story which was very interesting. It doesn’t have to be an expert, but someone with a story that relates to something currently being discussed on the forum.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #8

My suggestion is to make each week’s podcast focused on the topics they currently have mulltiple podcasts for, so just one podcast per week, but topics would rotate, like 2dudes week one, Keto Woman, week two, Keto Family week three, and Obesity Code week four. Maybe through in a week of recipes and cooking tips now that Carrie is onboard. I believe this would result in lower costs over all, give followers something new each week and allow for a wide range of topics.

I really like the idea of successful forums members being highlighted. There is a wide array of success stories, not just in weight loss and diabetes, but all kinds of conditions getting healed or extremely better. a disclaimer about not medical advice should cover it.


I’d like to hear some nontraditional/controversial viewpoints presented on a regular basis. I appreciate being exposed to ideas that make me think/question my viewpoints rather than just reinforce my existing beliefs.

Here are some guest I’d like to see interviewed:

Dawn Lemanne, MD- using LC for cancer
Terry Wahls, MD- using LC to address MS
Thomas DeLauer- using LC for body composition
Joel Furlmann, MD- LC advocating vegan approach
Will Cole, DC- LC pescatarian functional med practitioner
Jonathon Bailor- guru specializing in lowering bodyweight setpoint using diet and exercise
Max Ligavere- brain health guru
Cate Shanahan, MD- using nutrition to achieve optimal health
LeGrand Peterson, ND- fasting focused functional med practitioner
Krista Varady, PhD- researcher specializing in fasting
Cole Robinson- 100% obnoxious personal trainer with good ideas that many miss due to his offensiveness

(Karen) #10

I like those possibilities and providing names makes it more actionable.