20 Hour fast

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Ive been fasting every day(20 hours+) for the last ten days.
Ive just started measuring glucose and ketones. On around the 20-hour mark, my mojo is saying 52mg/dl with 2.1 mmol/l of ketones.

Does the blood glucose level look a little low.? I had done about 50 minutes of medium level endurance training the night before.


Lower than most people will ever see.

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Is that good or bad?

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(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #5

If you’re in ketosis and ketones/fatty acids pick up the slack, it’s fine. If you are awake and feel ‘normal’ it’s good. Otherwise, not. According to the article I linked above, total energy in the blood, including both glucose and ketones/fatty acids, is optimized at the lower end of the scale. In other words, energy is being delivered efficiently, not hanging around in the blood where it causes problems.

PS: 52mg/dl = 2.8 on my scale. I dropped to that once during my current CGM experiment. I’ve been in the mid - low 3.x several times as well, which corresponds to 57 - 68mg/dl. These very low readings have all occurred during my normal sleep hours. Although my latest reading at 19:29 tonight was 3.9 or 70.2mg/dl - I am very much awake and alert.


Neither, but below normal. As long as you feel fine you’re good but most would be having hypoglycemic symptoms down that low. Back when I used to fast I couldn’t get that low in a week!