2 years Keto....isolation ready

(Trudy) #1

Just wanted to quickly post on this my 2nd year keto anniversary. This WOE is now my normal and I hope I stay this way. 12 months maintenance after losing almost 50kg.

I understand and feel the anxiety our community is currently under. I have plenty of peanuts, butter and calorie dense food, my carb fuelled family will have to eat more frequently. I’m taken aback by how quickly our society has deteriated as people focus on themselves and shops run low on supplies.

Let’s look out for one another. Take care!


Happy anniversary well done you.:boom::tada::boom:

(Susan) #4

Happy Ketoversary for 2 years on Keto, Trudy =). Big congrats on maintaining the 50Kg loss for a year too, very nice.

(Pete A) #5

I’m jealous you eat peanuts! :slight_smile: 2.5 years here, steady and strong.


(charlie3) #6

I don’t eat anything in a can or cardboard box. Let em have it.

(Tracy) #7

I’m over 9 months in. My husband is 5 months in. It has changed the way we cook and eat drastically for the better. I can’t believe how wasteful we used to be. We ate out all the time and threw away food because most of our leftovers weren’t worth saving. We have saved lots of money because our meals take effort, we don’t let anything to to waste. I’ve noticed we don’t make many side dishes. Mostly it’s one pot or one casserole dish meals. Today I’m going to make Mexican shredded beef in a crockpot and I can turn it into 3 days worth of meals. I can’t wait to celebrate my 1 year anniversary. Congrats to you!


So much to love in this post. We have seen our grocery expenses go down as well and we eat a lot better now too. My DH has taken to baking keto breads and really enjoys doing it. He doesn’t fast so he has learned to cook a lot of dishes for himself. Gotta love the Keto lifestyle.