2.5 pounds erythritol $9.99

(Steve) #1

I just bought 2.5 pounds of Now Foods erythritol on Amazon for $9.99.
That’s the lowest price ever at $4.00/pound. I think it is a one day sale but not sure?



I recently bought that same 2.5# bag from VitaCost for $7.

The regular price on VitaCost is $9.99, but after I put items into the cart and onto a wish list, I sit back and wait for email offers. Often, it’s 10% off, even 15% or 20% off, but several times per year it’s $30 off a $100 order. Then I fill up the cart and place the order.

I also got several bags of Lily’s chocolate chips on my last order for under $4 a bag. Regular price is $5.66 per bag. That’s cheaper than most places.

Hmm. According to the “Promo Pocket” page on their website, VitaCost has 20% off for the next 6 hours, using a SAVOR20 promo code.