2,220 days...and all is well


It’s 650 days for me today! It was fun to add up my dates and have something to celebrate today…besides great health and well-being due to keto. :raised_hands:t2:
Keto on friends!

(Bob M) #22

Thanks. Still need to go into my closet and figure out what no longer fits. Some 36 inch pants still fit (jeans, for instance). Others are way too large.

(Bob M) #23

That’s amazing progress.

I still haven’t mastered one meal a day. If I could eat at, say, 3pm, I could do it. But I like eating with my family, and we unfortunately eat too late. I find it hard to eat one meal after 7pm then go to bed at 9pm.

(Bob M) #24

I forgot at add that one of the years was a leap year. So, add a day (I guess two days after February 29th this year).