#196: Mindset Matters with Terri Lance - Making Keto Part of Your Identity


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We’ve all heard that phrase, “Keto needs to be a lifestyle not a diet”. Well what does that really entail and how can you make it happen?

In the first of the new Mindset Matters episodes, Terri talks about how to really get to grips with making Keto or Low Carb (or any dietary change for that matter) part of your identity and how we can learn from the Vegan community.

Terri has been keto for over 3 years and Paleo for 2 before that. She struggled with being overweight or obese from age of 7 until about 5 years ago and tried all types of weight loss plans and diets throughout most of her adult life.

Diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in her early 30s, Terri was prescribed many medications, typically taking three for diabetes, a statin and an ace inhibitor. She no longer takes any prescriptions and no longer has any biomarkers of Type 2 diabetes.

Terri was a middle school English teacher at the start of her career; then went back to grad school and earned her PhD in Counseling Psychology. She was then a psychologist in private practice for over thirteen years.

Terri is now a coach with IDM’s The Fasting Method. She is the Director of Retreat Development and has hosted two fasting retreats in Hawaii.

IDM’s new website TheFastingMethod.com

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Enjoyed this a lot. I think of myself as keto, I do eat over 20 g some days so some would say I am not, but I stay in ketosis eating this way. It is the way I want to eat. I love all the foods with this WOE.

(Bacon enough and time) #3

If your liver is making ketones, your diet is ketogenic. The rest doesn’t matter.


Your keto is your keto. 20g is a starting point only and only because it is one of those (mostly) catchalls that will work for most people. The reality is of course way more complicated!
Keep doing you and what works for you. That’s the best keto there is :blush:


Yeah, I do me, it is all I can do really. When I discuss with my dr. I just refer to my way of eating as low carb healthy fats and she is fine with it. She has loved my results.

@PaulL, I agree. I stay in the 2.2 to 3.0 range on my breath meter and my GKI is in the right range as well. When I started I was pre diabetic, not now, so I am a happy bacon eater.