18 hour wall - post gastrectomy

(Meeping up the Science!) #1

Still hit the 18 hour wall. Could do it pre-op. You’d figure 16 months out I could, too.

I’m thinking at this point it’s something to do with the ghrelin-leptin relationship. I will commence further research. Sadly, most I’ve found is about day-long fasting only, i.e. Ramadan, and all of it involves carbage later.

Not a true fast, but I will probably just do butter every four hours and we’ll see how that goes, next time.



I’m liberal with trace amounts of fiber etc in 100 chocolate. I make fat bombs from bakers chocolate and coconut oil. I also don’t flinch at a trace of hwc in my tea.

(Meeping up the Science!) #3

Hmmm. I may try that. I’ve been just doing water/coffee and no fat. I did make a pretty awesome HWC chai tea.

(Richard Morris) #4

Cream will still have some milk protein, and a small amount of lysine will stop autophagy in its tracks.

(Meeping up the Science!) #5

I am starting to wonder if I’m hypoglycemic, which is odd, as I was not hypoglycemic pre-op. Also, I don’t have a bypass, so no intestinal malabsorption.

Maybe I will just take a few days off work and white knuckle it to see what happens. I get so shaky I can’t even type, though.

(Richard Morris) #6

I would be tempted to try fat only supplementation to see if the problem is energy delivery from body fat.


I still haven’t seen an actual quantification of “small amount”. But if autophagy is the goal, then eliminate all proteins to be on the safe side. Also aim for 3-5 days in that case.


I still had hypoglycemic symptoms, like sweating and increased hr, during my last fast even though my glucose is in normal range. It could just be a worsening of hot flashes though. Plenty of available glucose, but the brain is not getting enough. Even with high ketones.

(Meeping up the Science!) #9

Interesting. I am not sure what to try. I think a 3-5 day fast is in order in general, though. ZC had been successful and I feel that is a good next step. Getting there is the problem.

@richard, I am going to try to do a fat only fast next weekend. Maybe tallow, actually. Must. Keep. Biohacking.

(Pat Dugar) #10

Ever thought about a bacon fast? I do this in preparation for a full fast. As much as I love bacon by day 2, I am down to 15 pieces and the cravings are gone. Day 3 I am in full fast mode.

(Jocelyn) #11

Do you test your blood sugar levels? Ketones?

(Meeping up the Science!) #12

Blood sugar is at a constant 70-80. Ketones, nope. Last blood test I had was actually done at the doctor after 17 fasted hours. Blood sugar was 72.