#178: Kelly LeBlanc - Going Beyond Keto to Find Help for Chronic Pain


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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Kelly, talks about how she discovered that dealing with her past and past trauma was key to unlocking her health issues in the present. This is the second episode where Kelly digs deeper into what is behind her struggles with chronic pain and periods of stress and anxiety.

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I rewrote Kelly’s bio for the podcast intro but am leaving it as written for the show notes. So, in Kelly’s words…

I am 47 years old. I grew up in a small French community on the east coast of Canada called Cheticamp. It's a small, idyllic place on the Cabot Trail. Look it up. Visit if you can. I don't think I ever would have left if there had been as work in my chosen field. But reality hit midway through my second degree and I ended up moving to the US in 1996, after being recruited by a consulting company to work on Y2K projects.

The various projects I worked on, all over the US and even Mexico, combined with my education, finally led me to Pfizer in Connecticut, where I met my husband of 22 years. Mike loves to tell the story of how I seduced him. And it is true. I did. He was taking way too long to make any kind of move and I had to decide if I was staying in the US or moving back to Canada within about 2 months of meeting him. Desperate times require creative measures. He says it was good for his ego. I say it was good for my sanity. He is the most amazing partner. No kids. By choice. But we do have 2 beautiful feline boys. We rescue cats with special needs as they tend to linger a long time in shelters. Regardless of how loving they are. 

Currently we are living in the Austin, TX area, where we are learning to live without seasons (it's always hot) and allergies. The conveniences make up for it. And the opportunities are amazing. I currently work as a DevOps manager and manage a small team of 3 and we are responsible for managing 50+ applications with a focus on creating high performance teams.  

I have had weight challenges my entire life and I tried everything. Losing weight was always easy, but maintenance, Oof! (That's the sound of the wind being knocked out of my lungs). Sometimes more successful than others. I always knew the reason I didn't have long lasting success was that I didn't have my mind in the right space. But waiting to be in the right mental space was often not an option. As stubborn and determined as I am, I always ended up regaining. Even when I thought I was dealing with all the things that needed to be dealt with. 

Recently, thanks to Kelly Canueto's story, I realized that I had not actually been dealing with my past and my past trauma. I had acknowledged its existence, but I hadn't worked through it. Not really. It was still a heavy weight, literally on my shoulders and chest. With my eyes open I had no choice. I had to do the work. And here I am now. At the beginning of my journey, again. And so much further along, in such a short period of time, than I ever thought was possible. 

Because of how Kelly's episode affected me, I really felt it was time to share my experiences as well. 


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