#175: Georgia Ede - Boost Your Brain and Mental Health With Keto


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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Georgia, discusses the importance of nutrition for optimising brain function and mental health in this replay from 2018.

Georgia Ede M.D. is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist specializing in nutrition and college mental health and was the first psychiatrist at Harvard University Health Services to offer nutrition consultation as an alternative to medication management.

Dr. Ede speaks internationally on a wide range of nutrition topics, including Alzheimer’s prevention, the nutritional differences between plant and animal foods, and dietary strategies to optimize brain health. She writes about food and the brain for PsychologyToday.com and about all aspects of food and health on her own website DiagnosisDiet.com.


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Low Carb Breckenridge video “Our Descent Into Madness: Modern Diets and the Global Mental Health Crisis.”


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Georgia's Top Tip

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