#162: Nikola Howard - Low Carbing in the UK


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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Nikola, talks about how she low carbs in the UK - both for her own health and to help others optimise theirs.

Nikola is an award winning coach, author, speaker, human physiology mentor, educator, woman in technology, orchid obsessive, and has been low carb since 1999. She is on a mission to free people from Diet Prison, remove the linguistically horrific words “weight loss” from common usage and her 2020 mission statement is “Assist the UK to eat itself healthy.”

Nikola also wants to disrupt the diet industry paradigm and move us away from guilt and shame when it comes to food and our bodies. She is one of the only people working within the diet industry to work on the mental/mindset side of body composition management, to break people away from “victim mentality” and so ensure long term success.

Nikola began her low carb life on the 6th of December 1999. The lifestyle suited her body a great deal, however she very soon discovered that there was a dearth of UK centric information and that most of the information coming from the US actively contradicted the UK’s food context and labelling laws.

Because of this, Nikola set up the Low Carb in the UK Website (https://lowcarbinthe.uk) in August 2000 as well as a Yahoo! Mailing list to help people connect with UK centric Low Carb information. 

Nikola has over 20 years’ experience in assisting UK mums struggling with “pregnancy belly” and the “middle ages middle” to gain more energy than a toddler, a slender optimal body, and far more importantly, much better health and a renewed sense of confidence and self-love.

Nikola went all in with a coaching career via Low Carb in the UK in October 2019, having worked on the business part time since 2016. Via her innovative H.O.P.E Protocol, she has assisted thousands of people with their body composition goals via her website, books, courses, and 1:1 client work.

Nikola has written three books based around living a low carb life, written using UK information and from a UK angle. They are well received by her audience, and she is planning a 4th book in 2021 “How to tame type 2 diabetes”

Nikola was awarded “Best Nutritional Coach & Mentor 2019 – London” in the 4th Annual GHP Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2019 and “Most Inspirational Nutritional Coach & Mentor (London): Nikola Howard” in in the 5th Annual GHP Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2020.

Nikola was awarded “Best Women's Weight Loss Coach - South East England” in the 3rd annual GHP Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2020

Before going all in, Nikola studied Physics and Chemistry at University and then worked in IT roles for both public and private sector clients, starting as a desktop support person in 1989, and rounding out her IT career as a Data Centre Manager before she left to work on Low Carb in the UK full time. She managed people and projects as well as stakeholders for over 30 years. This means that she brings forward that logical and structured approach into her client work.





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