15 days of keto - help needed


(Dario) #1

Hi all,
I am diabetic, type 2 with insulin resistance and that is the main reason why I started doing keto.
When I started two weeks ago, I was 263lbs and in two weeks I got to 256lbs.
I am 46 years old and 6ft2in tall .Fairly active, mainly walking and swimming.
While doing keto, max carbs I eat is up to 30g per day coming from vegetables.
I follow my food intake through myfitnesspal and I stay under 1.800 kcl daily, mostly around 1.600kcl.
Daily I drink around 100 oz of water, sparkling water and unsweetened tea.
Also, when started keto in parallel I started intermittent fasting from 6PM till 10AM.

As I am new to all of this and having so much different websites with contra dictional information, wanted to ask you guys, I am on right track?
Is losing 7lbs in two weeks to small or normal taking in consideration all info above?
Should I combine immediately fasting and keto? Or should I first adopt to keto, and then start with fasting?

Thnx for your tips and comments



If you feel right, you eat right (macros, nutrients) and don’t lose fat too quickly, it’s probably okay.

You can start intermittent fasting together with keto if it’s comfortable enough for you… I continued my IF on keto though I had no idea it was a thing, I just ate the way I felt like, didn’t force-feed myself when I didn’t want or need food… Forcing IF just because people say it’s good and you should be able to do is wrong IMO, no matter if you are fat adapted. When you are a newbie, it’s usually discouraged as getting used to keto can be hard enough, if you don’t feel it, your body still may, not informing you… My body is very communicative so if it doesn’t complain and I feel okay, I totally don’t mind doing different big changes at the same time. 16/8 IF sounds very normal to me but I am a born intermittent faster I guess :smiley: (I just mess it up with late eating sometimes but it’s far from ideal.)

Oh I didn’t addrees the 30g carbs yet. It’s a bit high for some people and okay for others. I ate 40g net carbs until I tried carnivore, it worked for me but I didn’t get noticeable benefits from keto beyond fat adaptation, those came when I went lower. So maybe you should try to go lower, if not now (because you can’t stand being that low now. to me, even my 40g net and high total carbs were way too low so I had an on/off keto phase until I got rid of most vegetables. so I understand that some people just can’t do <20g keto, I only can do it without a significant amount of vegetables myself), later.

7lbs for 2 weeks is fine, well it depends how much of it is water :slight_smile: But in the beginning getting used to keto is the most important thing. Eat as much as you feel like and you will see. Your body is undergoing big, important changes. And 2 weeks is, like, nothing. The body weight fluctuations especially losing water in the beginning masks the fat-loss (or lack of it though you should lose fat with these numbers).

Good luck!

(UsedToBeT2D) #3

IMHO…Keto first, maybe 6-8 months, get tuned in to it, then some fasting…don’t rush things…slow and steady wins the race. 7 lbs, two weeks is great at first, but longer term, I’d be happy with 1 lb per week, even less. Remember that this is about health, and the natural weight loss is a side benefit.

(Marianne) #4

Welcome. Fifteen days is a good start. At a minimum, it sounds like you want to maintain this way of eating until you lose the weight you want. Keto is unlike any conventional weight loss plan. Although one of the most attractive side effects of keto is weight loss (for people who have always struggled to lose weight), it’s really more about controlling the body’s insulin response through food and improving the entire health of the human organism. Try to let go of everything you know about “dieting” and what we’ve been told about “nutrition.” It’s all backwards and downright incorrect.

Best advice, keep the carbs as low under 20 as possible. Eat clean foods in their natural state, no processed, packaged keto “food.” Determine your macros and meet or exceed your fat and protein macros every day. Don’t count calories. If you can, weigh yourself as little as possible. You will be able to tell through your appearance and clothes how you are doing. Give your body a break. Don’t fast - at least for 3-4 more weeks. Use this time to acclimate your metabolism to this new way of eating. It’s been through so much already. You will likely start to feel better immediately, and not just through weight loss. Post your questions here and read as much as you can. Dietdoctor.com is a great informational and inspirational resource that has a lot of content devoted to the “science” of keto and how the body work, all in an easily understandable format.

Good luck!

(Robin) #5

@daxgul, I agree with everything Marianne said. Keto is not a diet. Yes, you lose the weight. But you need to stay on it to maintain. The great news is you will be so satisfied with keto and the loss of cravings, it’s a no-brainer to stick with it. So may things improve, beside weight. Sleep, energy, clear mind, and self esteem.


Typically, a lot of water weight is lost in the first few weeks. That’s because your glycogen stores will be declining, and they bind water to them. So, as they go away, the water bound to them is released. This early weight loss can come back just as quickly if you stop keto, because the reverse occurs – glycogen stores begin to accumulate again, binding water to them.

Ketosis is driven by how many carbs you eat. Weight is driven by how much you eat overall. Being in ketosis is no guarantee of weight loss.

I’m also a T2D. Before keto, I had an A1c of 7.3 while using both insulin and metformin. Since starting keto over 5 years ago, I no longer use T2D medications and my A1c has been as low as 4.8 without them. I was able to stop insulin immediately and weaned off the metformin months later.

(Tim Cee) #7

You can fast whenever you feel up to it. The more used to ketosis you are, the easier it will be physically. Rather than reduce calories per meal, I prefer to eat less often. Fasting is really just skipping meals. It’s not complicated. As you get used to keto, you might find yourself hungry less often. So, don’t eat till you’re hungry. That’s a very basic level of fasting.