#145: Sharon "Nobuhle" Williams - Overcoming Cancer and Living With Lipedema


Originally published at: https://ketowomanpodcast.com/145/

Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Nobuhle, talks about how she overcame cancer and lives with lipedema, lymphedema and hyperthyroidism.

Sharon “Nobuhle” Williams has been a licensed evangelist since 2003 through the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, and founder of Global Growth Ministries (GGM), an organization dedicated to, spiritual growth and development. 

Her fourth journey to South Africa resulted in a six-year stay there as a missionary with pastoral oversight which gave GGM a global presence. She holds an MBA in Management Information Systems along with over 20 years of progressive business experience primarily in the telecommunications industry.

After her diagnosis in December, 2018 of stage 4 Lipedema “with a component of Lymphedema” Nobuhle sought traditional treatment which began in Mid-march of 2019. It initially consisted of MLD, wrapping, and low carb eating. Within just 2 weeks she noticed that her pain had all but diminished After becoming a part of the Masterclass hosted by Lipedema Simplified, she switched to a KETO way of eating, began swimming, using a pneumatic pump.. +90lbs lighter, Nobuhle has, and still is, in the process of collecting a small arsenal of tips, tricks, and hacks to help further her goal of living a physically “fit”, i.e., healthy lifestyle.




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