#140: Maria Emmerich - Family Life and Keto


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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Maria, talks about life in Wisconsin with her husband and their two boys and how they all love and thrive eating keto.

Maria Emmerich is a nutritionist who specializes in the ketogenic diet and exercise physiology.

She struggled with her health and weight throughout childhood which lead her to become such a passionate nutrition expert. “My goal is to help transform people’s lives and start living again!” Maria specializes in brain neurotransmitters and how food can increase mental wellness. Her expertise has sent her around the World speaking about ketogenic diets.

She spends the majority of her time with clients around the World via Skype with amazing results. She specializes in helping autoimmune disorders, diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2), heart disease, cholesterol issues, alopecia, hashimoto’s, cancer, epilepsy, seizures, depression and anxiety. You would be amazed at the amount of people get off medication with her guidance.

She is also an International Best Selling author of several books including “Quick and Easy Ketogenic Cooking” and “The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse“.  She also authored 10 other books including several cookbooks and 3 nutritional guide books including the best-selling book “Keto.” Some of her readers include, Halle Berry, Valerie Bertinelli and Al Roker.


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Maria’s Protein Noodle Lasagne

Maria's Top Tip

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(Bunny) #2

Wow! The Blue Light and Cortisol is an awesome read:

I use second hand CPAP machines (Wim Hof kind of stuff) myself even though I don’t have Sleep Apnea, the energy I have is beyond incredible when awake and body fat gets burned quick. Sleep is so important to heal the pancreas. CPAP machine is like walking on air like Bruce Lee and can do things I never was capable of doing before.


(Bob M) #3

Maria’s cookbooks are fantastic. Some of my family’s favorite meals (including mine) are from there.

(Candace) #4

Maria is one of my favorites! I was a client of hers, years ago. When I followed her advice, I got better. When I went off and tried to do things my way, I got worse. Also, her protein lasagna is delicious!

(Bob M) #5

That’s one of our favorite recipes. A trick with this is to let it sit for a while or even cook it over the weekend and eat it during the week. It sets up better with time.

(Candace) #6

Definitely better a day or 2 after cooking, the flavors all come together.


I’ve always found that true of lasagne - keto version or pasta version. It always tastes better doesn’t it when it has sat for a while?

(Bob M) #8

It’s been a while since I’ve made real lasagna…:wink:

I did make a vegetarian one when someone stayed with us, but I did not eat it.

I think the chicken “noodles” in particular benefit from the time.

Other recipes of hers (off the top of my head) that are great: fried mozzarella sticks (helps to use the full fat variety, but these are hard to find); chicken cacciatore; and one of her soups, the name of which I cannot remember right now.


Oh my goodness this picture on sleep deprivation could be the secret to why I can’t lose weight. No idea how to get better sleep, I’ve had insomnia even as a new born which has just got worse as I’ve got older. I definitely know my cortisol is high, I had a saliva test a few years ago and it was literally off the chart for most of the day and “very high” for the second half of the day.

Now to focus on how to have better sleep