14 days into my first 40 day water fast!

(Brandi) #1

So 14 days ago I decided to do a 36hr fast… That turned into a 14 day and now depending on how everything goes I’m going to go for a 40 day! It has been quite a fun experience and a challenging one, I cook for my family every night which does make it a bit difficult but I push through! As far as weight loss goes I started at 200 pounds and am now down to 181.5 and I feel soo wonderful! The husband and I go on hikes and work out 4 days out of the week and I have no problem keeping up. Can’t wait to see how much longer I can take this! My goal weight is 150 so considering how the weight has come off so far a 40 day may be to long but it will be interesting to see I’m keeping it an open ended goal.

(Ellie) #2

Amazing! And to be cooking for your family too!!
The main thing is to listen to your body and not fix on a time. Give yourself permission to stop when you’ve had enough. Great progress so far though.:smile:

Coming up to day 14 of a fast Monday, but feeling fine and want to keep going. Tips?

Congrats on your success. Just remember as your weight goes down losing will get harder. When you do break this fast, research what is best for breaking it. Dr. Fung’s website has great fasting information and this part on refeeding will be a good way to start: https://idmprogram.com/refeeding-syndromes-fasting-20/

(Brandi) #4

Thank you! And yes I have been doing a lot of research and I do take supliments and either kosher salt or pink salt every to make sure I have no issues later and ill start phosphate after my 30 day mark ( if I decide to go that long)

(Teresa (turtle)) #5

How is the fast going Brandi?

(Brandi) #6

Its going really well, I actually am planning to break my fast at day 24 and have a feasting period for maybe a week or to and go back to fasting for a shorter period of time but we will see!