(Daisy) #1

So, I’m on day 5 of carnivore and doing my first 10k tomorrow morning. Do you all foresee any issues I may have with it? Should I eat a little more this evening? Do you think I should eat something tomorrow morning or do it fasted. For reference, I’m in no way physically prepared for this. Life has been too busy the last couple months!! Thanks!

(Paul H) #2

Were you doing Keto prior? Are you fat adapted? I did a 5k without training and not sure if I was fully fat adapted. Evidently I was because my time was better than the prior race. However if you are not adapted to burning fat for energy and not eating carbs you could struggle…

(Daisy) #3

I’ve been keto off and on for over a year, on again since Christmas. I’m well fat adapted, but up some weight. I’ve been continually gaining weight since I started back on keto this time, up to my record high weight on Sunday. That’s why I went carnivore.

(Paul H) #4

Well if you’re fat adapted and eating properly it would be the usual issues related to non training etc. Hydration, sodium, potassium, micros and macros, stretching, cramps, etc… Listen to your body and take action if you are uncomfortable at any point. You can always race another day.

(Alec) #5

My opinion is you should have no issues at all with fuelling. The issue you raise that’s more important is whether you have trained enough for it!

If you’ve done 10ks before, then you’ll know how to pace yourself [just noticed you said your first 10k, so…]. If not, then my strong recommendation is to start out what feels like nice and slow (in fact you will probably be doing your average race pace, but it should feel really easy). Do this for 2-3k. At the 3k mark, start putting a little more effort in, it should feel moderate at this point, you should be holding your target pace to about 7-8k.

At this point, you’re making a pacing decision. If you feel crap, just try to hold on and get to the end any old how. If you feel just ok, maintain the pace and in the last K just go for it. If you feel great at 7-8k, up the pace, and just try to smash it home. It may feel painful, but feel the pain, feel the burn, enjoy the suffering in the knowledge it will soon be over and you will have done your very very best!

The key here is that if you go too hard at the start and don’t start pretty gently I almost guarantee you will feel crap by 7-8k. But, YMMV (literally), so just my 2 penneth (from a LOT of running experience including many many 10ks).

(Paul H) #6

@Ketodaisy How did it go?

(Daisy) #7

I talked my 10 year old into doing it with me. She jogged for about a grand total of a half mile the first half of the race, so I couldn’t get a good pace. I left her with my husband a little and started jogging. Right after I crossed the halfway mark, my knee went out. I tried over and over again to jog, but was in pure agony. Then my thighs hurt so bad I had tears streaming down my face. But I finished it! Last in my class and 8th from last place, but I finished. I can’t walk at all right now, I’m in so much pain, but I’ll survive. Thank you for asking!!

(Alec) #8

Well done!! :+1::clap::clap::clap:

Are you going to continue to run or was this a one off? If continuing, just take it super slow, build up your base over a fair period of time, say 3-4 months. No need to go fast. Build your fitness by going slow. That’s the way it works.

(Paul H) #9

Ok so you felt it and it sucks…lol BUT you did your very very best… That is front row! We all need to suffer a bit to get ahead… as a runner you understand. You started this thread for a reason… you understand. Dang you’re courageous! 10k is no freebie. Congrats on gutting it out!! Keep up the good work! I have a feeling you will do better next time. :slightly_smiling_face: