#101: April Ihly - Part 2


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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, April, is back to finish her story about how she has struggled to find a way to make keto work for her.

April is a busy mom of one amazing teenager, two dogs and two cats. She lives in Oregon and is currently working on her third new career in life while still holding down a full-time job and assisting in caring for her mother who has early onset Alzheimer's. 

She has struggled with weight and emotional issues for over 30 years, bouncing back and forth between diets, depression and anxiety.

In 2016 she found Keto, and although she felt a little better physically and emotionally, she still wasn't losing weight, and only lost a little inflammation. Being morbidly obese and knowing that she might not have a lot of time left to get healthy, she was determined to figure out what was going on. Who would have thought the answer lied in butter?


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More information about KetoAF - KetoAnimalFoods.com

Ken Berry's YouTube video that April mentioned:

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(Katie) #2

High praise for this podcast, and this episode in particular!!

Thank you @Daisy


Thank you Katie. She is a pretty special lady. I am recording a follow up / further info with Siobhan on Monday. The plan was to talk to April then Siobhan then Amber all on the same subject - KetoAF. So more to come :smiley: